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Kraken Kult: Building a GSC Army


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Just some regular workers ready to toil against… the oppressors!




I’m slowly grinding onwards. I’ve got I believe 3 seismic cannons, 3 webbers, 3 grenade launchers, 2 icons, and 3 leaders to finish. I’ll add a few more base neophytes as well to take my total up to 60!


After that it’s on to the rock grinders, aberrants, ancolytes, genestealers, and some more characters. I feel I’m making progress and getting closer to being done.

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Some more for the Kraken Kult:


The first of at least 10 acolytes (will go satchel charges).



The unit leader, complete with power maul.




Two more neophytes, armed with webbers to hold down the non-believers.



I also finished another seismic cannon and will start work on hopefully the last batch (for a while) of neophytes. I’ve got a couple more icon, grenade launchers, basic troops, and leaders. I’ve got about 4-5 more heavy weapons too.


I’ve also built my kellermorph and saboteur, which I’ll sprinkle in to the mix.


After that it’s two rockgrinders, some aberrants, another couple characters, and the last of the acolytes and I’ll be done with the current army idea!


Thanks for letting me share!

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I slowed down a bit to finish some chaos knights and build the Old World Bretonnia box. I’m still working on that, building is not my strong suit.


Here are some loyal guardsmen from the Planetary Defense Force.




Loyal to the Four Armed Emperor that is…


I have no intention of making a full brood brothers contingent or even a unit. I just thought these guys would slot well into my neophyte squads and give a little variety.

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