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The Carnage Enclave (Khornate Tau)


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There should be more Chaos Xenos in the setting. Fire Warrior advertisement is the first time I was exposed to Warhammer so I thought maybe La Kais' story should come to a logical conclusion


(Though inspired by CS Goto's novel adaptation I am taking his subfaction into a different direction)


After the events of Fire Warrior Shas La Kais has fully gone mad and accept Khorne's power in him. Having an Ethreal-like Aura he not only breaks out but has corrupted many Tau to form his own private army, The Carnage, located in Segmentum South.


There he wages a bloody war against the Imperium, Tau, Eldar, Necrons and other Chaos forces to take over the entire Segmentum and dedicate it to Khorne


The Carnage Enclave plays as a darker version of the Tau Army, eschewing some mobilty and all stealth in exchange for more firepower, a few dedicated melee units, as well as Possessed Tau and Daemons as Auxialry. Their fighting style is halfway between the Berserker World Eaters and Martial Blood Pact, BUT with a Random Bipolar Switch!


O'Kharneth (as his new name) is now a Daemon Prince but does not share the same limitations that most Daemons have due to unique Cybernetic Xeno-Heretek that keeps him in realspace.


He has ties to both Zhufor the Impaler and the Dark Mechanicum. Captain Ardias has been personally corrupted by O and serves as his second-in-command


Has fought the Farsight Enclaves, Space Wolves, Death Guard, Flayed Ones, Iron Warriors, Biel-tan and Viorla Sept many times


Some of his units:


-Guevesa Blood Zealot. Plasma Shotgun wielding Humans that fire as they charge head front against the enemy. Regenerate wounds and have increased accuracy while in melee combat


-Carnage Warriors. Fire Warriors corrupted into Khorne Worship. They move faster when moving closer towards the enemy. Gain increased fire rate and damage the closer the enemy gets. Slightly better in melee than normal Fire Warriors


-Bloodtide Battlesuits. More melee-oriented version of the Riptide that trade mobility in exchange for faster forward speed and better armor


-Butcherside Battlesuits. Has more railguns with rapid fire but shorter range. Can sense stealth units that are living. (Necrons and Sentient Machines count)


-Rage Psyker. Has much more limited spells than a normal Sorcerer (Teleportation, Faster Speed, Daemon Summoning) but has special Khornate flavored spells (Enrage enemies to stay in the fight and fight in melee, temporarily boost damage of weapons, especially melee weapons)


-Headhunters. Tau and Human snipers that love to blow people's heads. Longer range and faster fire rate than normal counterpart


-Possessed Drones. Melee-based Drones that can go faster to catch up to fleeing opponents


-Xv9 Bloodspurters. Their version of the Hazard. Wields two Chain axes and more flamethrowers! Can engage multiple enemies at once!!!


They do have a similar playstyle to both the Dark Eldar and Khornate Forces. Their units are generally more expensive than normal Tau ones.


Not sure how to implement their bipolar behavior but at a random moment or when dying or killing a lot there is a chance they could switch between the Martial and Berserk aspects of Khorne WHICH DOES AFFECT THEIR STATS, BEST TACTICS AND WHAT WEAPONS THEY HAVE!!!


While in Martial Mode the Blood Zealots are slighty tougher and have better accuracy. In Berserk mode they are much faster and are better in melee.

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On 10/31/2022 at 4:09 AM, MetalMammoth said:

It's cool, and everyone's free to cook up their own little part in 40K, but Tau souls are so dim, they're beneath the notice of the Chaos Gods. Not "blank" pariahs, but like the exact opposite of the Eldar, who's souls are much brighter than that of humans.


No Tau ever got posessed, tempted, whispered to, or even contacted by anything from the warp. It might not even be possible. When they encounter daemons in the flesh, the Tau just see them as unreasonably belligerent aliens with strange powers and no hope of cooperation.


The most maladjusted of their race, Commander Farsight, is still a perfectly reasonable being, who's just grown disillusioned of the Ethereal's leadership.


As for the Rage Psyker Sorcerer, no Tau was ever psychic, and Khorne hates sorcerers with a passion.

The protagonist of Fire Warrior was corrupted by Khorne


One Fire Warrior killed countless Guardsmen and dozens of Astartes


Farsight is aware of Daemons and what they are. Same with the survivors of the Fourth Expedition.

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On 11/7/2022 at 10:39 PM, Moonreaper666 said:

Farsight is aware of Daemons and what they are. Same with the survivors of the Fourth Expedition.

Not exactly true- Farsight is aware that the Dawn Blade is something strange and probably extending his lifespan, he isn't truly aware of why it does (it clearly being a daemonblade that gives the lifeforce of those it slays to its wielder). We, the players/readers, know this, but in-universe the Farsight T'au still aren't so sure.


Until Shadowsun's new novel, we also don't really have a full explanation of what happened during the Fourth Sphere Expedition. The T'au put down a lot of their allied Xenos members, but they aren't saying a lot to the other T'au about the reasons why. When the Fifth Sphere reached the Nexus and they began expanding again, there were a lot of massacres caused by the Fourth Sphere survivors against other Xenos, especially Humans, but again we don't have a clear view of their reasoning in the fluff.

Is it because they witnessed daemonic possession of their allies during the expedition- probably, but that is just conjecture until we have an in-universe statement of fact. Right now it is all shadows and silence.

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On 11/12/2022 at 1:29 PM, MetalMammoth said:


That is entirely your imagination.

His name is Shas'la T'au Kais, and he has PTSD, nothing more.

None of the gods can, or would "corrupt" tau, because their tiny xenos souls wouldn't feed them, and chaos is ever so stingy with it's investments; If it puts power, effort, or mere influence into someone, it's expected to be repaid a thousandfold. See how they abandon champions who fail them.


In the novel he is. Dude killed dozens of Astartes plus countless Guardsmen on his own in just a few days


Imagine what he could do in 300 years

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Amusingly enough Moonreaper666 isn't totally wrong here. Not to the point of his super love for Chaos daemons and them killing everything but not totally wrong either. 


In the Fire Warrior novel Kais loses it in the final battle and yells out loud 'Blood for the Blood God!'. The text also gives us the POV of the daemonlord and it specially says he gifted bloodlust to the tau creature.  But yes Kais does finish the novel with PTSD and seems catatonic. Unknown if the Kais in War of Secrets is the same one but that one has clearly seen some stuff. 


In Farsight: Empire of Lies we have Por Malcaor, the Water Spider got possessed by a daemon.


And in War of Secrets we do see what happened with the 4th Sphere Fleet. Daemons started to gobble up the becalmed fleet until an entity saved them. The tau are horrified that the entity was a manifestation of the Greater Good, because of the thoughts and beliefs of their alien auxiliaries. So they started to kill these troops to stop them from tainting the Greater Good with their twisted way of understanding it. 


So Chaos forces will muck about with the tau if given the chance because why the hell not. Definitely not the gods themselves, this is too uninteresting for them.

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