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Need help getting to know my enemy.


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I would like to have some info on my oponents in an upcoming local store tournament.

Can you guys give me tips on which units are the most dangerous and should be focused by me.

What are the most dangerous combo's they can do?

For example use stratagem to move away from combat, resulting in my unit not being able to fight if i fight another unit first.

Or character/unit combo's.


Thanks in advance!




BATTALION DETACHMENT: TAU EMPIRE (Calm under pressure, fire cast marksmen) [1500] {5CP}

HQ - Cadre fireblade [50pts, -1cp] Warlord, Trough boldness victory

HQ - Ethereal [85pts] Hover drone (5pts) Invocations: Storm of Fire, Zephyr’s grace

TROOPS - Breacher team [ 95pts] DS8 support turret w/smart missile systems (10pts)

TROOPS - Breacher team [95pts] DS8 support turret w/smart missile systems (10pts)

TROOPS - Strike Team [80pts]

TROOPS - Strike team [80pts]

ELITES - 3x Crisis battlesuits [225pts] 1= target lock, burst cannon (5pts), plasma rifle (10pts) 2= target lock, 2x fusion blaster (25pts) 3=shield generator (5pts), missile pod (10pts), flamer (5pts) 3x marker drone (30pts), shield drone (15pts)

ELITES - 4x stealth battlesuits [105 pts] Shas’vre = fusion blaster (5pts)

FAST ATTACK - Pathfinder team [105pts] 2x ion rifles (10pts), 1x rail rifle (5pts) 1x Piranhas [70 pts] Fusion blaster (10pts)

HEAVY SUPPORT - Broadside battlesuit [85pts] Advanced targeting system, heavy rail rifle

HEAVY SUPPORT - Hammerhead gunship [155 pts] 2x smart missile system (10pts), railgun

HEAVY SUPPORT - Riptide battlesuit [270 pts] 2x plasma rifle, heavy burst cannon 2x shielded missile drones (30pts)

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One thing to note: the Turrets will put your squads over the 10 model limit so they become more vulnerable to blast weapons. 

I'm not sure why the turrets are in with the Breachers and not the strike teams. Typo? 


If you swap one of the fusion blasters to one of the other models, you'll save 5 points because nothing will be doubled up.

Given your Sept tenant, I think running 3 units of Breachers in a blob around your Cadre Fireblade and just having one Strike team and/or the pathfinders to hold an objective works better.  You could pay for it with the 5 points you save on the crisis weapon swap. 

I'd be worried about snipers taking out the characters. They are pretty squishy and provide a lot of good buffs to your army. Maybe instead of the Support turrets giving them each a drone friend. Means more markes for you and an extra wound for your characters. 


Otherwise, your list looks like fine all around list. I'd be sure to play very cagy against melee armies given how close you want to be, but that's nothing new to Tau. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that screams "this will wreck you!" 


Actually, come to think of it, I could see Thousand Sons being a pretty touch match up because you have so much damage 1 and obviously no deny ability. In that case, I'd focus on one unit at a time to prevent revivals from attritioning you out of the game and keep your characters out of LoS whenever possible to avoid getting snipped with powers. It's always been a hard match up for me since I run pretty Infantry heavy.  


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@Tawnis This is someone wanting others to teach them tactics on how to take down the lists shown, not someone wanting to improve their own list (which I think your discussion would benefit someone with that mindset well). This topic (as distasteful as the practice is overall IMO) should only be posted a single time in the Necrons forum and not spammed across multiple forums asking others “How do I get good against this list?”

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