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New to GSC, looking for list advise.

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So, I'm brand new to the army, basically just made a list out of the Start Collecting box supplemented with a few things I happen to already have and came up with this. 

1000 Points Battalion Detachment: Cult of the Four Armed Emperor.


Patriarch: 140pts
WT: Shadow Stalker
Magus: 80pts. 
WT: Inscrutable Cunning

Neophyte Hybrid x10 with Autoguns: 60pts
Neophyte Hybrid x10 with Cult Shotguns and Power Pick x1: 65pts 
Acolyte Hybrid x5 with Hand Flamers and Lash Whip / Bonesword: 65pts

Goliath Truck with Demo Charges: 95pts

Abberants x5: 150pts
Biophagus: 40pts
Purestrain Genestealers x10 From Every Angle: 150pts
Purestrain Genestealers x10 A Trap Sprung: 155pts

So the general idea is to have the Magus and the Hybrids in the Truck, have the Biophagus buff of the Abberats, first with the 5+ FNP so they can soak lots of fire. The Genestealers come up on both turns 1 and two with an 8" rer-ollable charge turn one and a 3D6 8" re-rollable charge turn to to take apart whatever needs killing. The Patriarch runs around supporting/fighting where needed. I kinda wanted to put the Patriarch in the truck and have the Magus support the Abbarents with more defensive buffs, but I'm too paranoid that he's going to die when it blows up.

I don't have too much in the way of anti-armour, but I think the list is speedy enough that if I take out all infantry resistance fast enough it won't matter. Also, Inscrutable cunning seems really good to me, but I'm worried it might actually be a trap. Is it actually as good as it sounds? 

What do the veterans of the army think? 




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I think your list looks good. I would perhaps change one neophyte unit for another 5 man unit of acolytes. Perhaps even skip the demoltion charges on the truck and instead give some mining weapons to the acolytes unit. But this list could work without changes. try it out and tell us how it goes :)

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That looks alright, and I think you'd probably have fun with it. If it were me, and I was looking to be fairly competitive, I'd tweak a few things.


  • You've currently got 495 points tied up in Elites (versus 190 points of Troops), which feels off-balance. I'd consider dropping the aberrants and the biophagus. That saves 190 points, which could become a 10-strong brood of acolytes with rock saws/drills/cutters and some upgrades for the neophytes.This also gets you more ob-sec bodies.
  • You can't put the Magus and 10 neophytes in the truck - it has a capacity of 10. If you are going to have neophytes riding round and shooting stuff, maybe get them seismic cannons, and if it's the shotgun guys, get them flamers as well.
  • Bear in mind that an 8" rerollable charge still fails 34% of the time, or one-in-three. It's fairly reliable, but not necessarily something I'd want to build an entire game-plan around. 
  • Consider switching From Every Angle for They Came From Below - it's still an option for first-turn charges, but can usually get you within 8" (especially if you use the stratagem for a 6" advance).
  • I'd keep the demo-charges on the truck, but only if you plan to get up close with it - auto-explode on death is a handy threat to have up your sleeve, especially if you ram the truck into combat to soak up overwatch or just to pin a unit down. 

But given that you're working with what you've got, it's a good start. Between the genestealers and the aberrants, you've potentially got three waves of assault troops over the first three turns (From Every Angle, then Trap Sprung, then the aberrants), which helps to maintain pressure on the other side. You've got some shooting, so can drop a couple of crossfire markers (which is where seismic cannons are helpful - you need 5 hits with autoguns/shotguns, but just one with a seismic cannon) to protect your combat troops as they go in.


And as Ulfast says, looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.



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Good start.  The truck is the weak point for me.  If I have any anti tank I just pop it and the contents get hurt for no good reason.  If I don't have anti tank shooting I just ignore it.  Its an infantry spam list with just one obvious outlier that does not seem to fit the list very well.  Another infantry unit rather than a truck would be far scarier.  

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Number one is Seismic Cannons, yeah


Truck is fine to rush one Neo unit forward turn 1 to at least threaten a mid-table score on turn 2. With the -1 damage it will still survive longer than a competing number of points of Neos or Acolytes. Don't expect it to last long, and at 1k I'd probably recommend Jackals in its place just for a bit more early speed (and possible aggro demo-charge).


Why max Stealer units? You're close to having an interesting amount of MSU here, and I appreciate the efficiency desire to have the fancy abilities on big units, but 5+5 is going to give you more flexibility over the course of the game, and is more durable than a brick of 10. Even doing 2x 7 with the upgrades and a 5 in support gives you more options.


Aberrants feel like a bullet magnet that doesn't quite have enough support. I run 6 troops before I really start looking at the muscle bois tbh




The Good Doctor.

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