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Scout Transport Vehicle

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Just want to clarify a rule interaction before building my who strategy around it. Let's say I have a unit of Pyroclasts and I place them inside a Land Raider Explorator. The vehicle has the scout rule but Pyroclasts do not. 


1: Does the vehicle still get to do a scout move during deployment?

2: Can I perform a outflank deployment with this unit? 


Pyroclasts just seem particularly well suited for the Explorator tank and I hope this will work as well as I imagine it to. 

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1. Yes. Just read the Scout rule in AoDRBv2p246

2. Yes; the unit you are deploying to the table is the Explorator (a DT is a unit for purposes of deployment, kill points, etc, independent action/coherency, etc), which has the appropriate rule for a Flank Assault (though not an Assault Ramp, so don't get hung up on the word assault).

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A unit in a non-dedicated transport gains the deployment rules/abilities of that dedicated transport, however the units rules do not confer to a non-dedicated transport like they do with a dedicated transport. 

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