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Unmodified rolls and the Murderous Perfection stratagem.


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I’ve notice people have been using the Murderous Perfection Strategem with a MoE and Warp’s Malice to score extra mortal wounds. Both of those rules score mortal wounds on unmodified rolls of six. Does Murderous Perfection count as an ‘’unmodified roll’’ for rules purposes? I believe Night Haunter’s Curse has similar wording to Murderous Perfection, but that Warlord Trait specifically states that it counts as an unmodified roll. Murderous Perfection does not have that bit.


I know that re-rolls are done before modifiers and that re-rolls are not considered to be ‘’modified’’ as per the rules. Does Murderous Perfection count as a re-roll? Or am I missing something here?

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My take on it is an "unmodified roll" meanings the actual number on the die, regardless of how it is arrived at, but before any math (typically an addition or subtraction for hit rolls) is done to it.  So, all the rules that say that an automatic 6 counts as an unmodified six (and I'm not familiar with any rules that say the opposite) are simply for clarification purposes and don't actually alter the rules - so that silence doesn't mean the opposite.


That said, I don't have any hard rules to back up my interpretation, that's just the way that I've always understood it to work.

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On 11/19/2022 at 8:56 PM, Gree said:

Does Murderous Perfection count as an ‘’unmodified roll’’ for rules purposes?


Basically, yes. Modifiers are different to rerolls which are different to changing dice to a set value - making 1 dice an auto 6 is the same as miracle dice or Eldar fate dice, and will count as an unmodified 6. 

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