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Text Editor - Headings Possible?

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Is it possible to enable a headings feature within the text editor? Having that would improve the readability and accessibility of the forum. 


Until I was writing blog entries, I didn't realize how much headings would help with longer posts that encompass different sections.


Thanks for reading and considering this request.

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Skull Header


Caslon Skull Header


Half Skull Header


Do you mean headers like this? If you do, simply highlight the text that you want to be in the header, select the appropriate header icon. From left to right (see the orange circle in the image below) they are Skull Header (adds the skull image like in the example above), Caslon Skull Header (adds the skull image like in the second example above and uses the Caslon Antique font for the text), and Half Skull Header (adds the skull image and uses a header bar that only covers half of the space as in the third example above). Click on the icon for the header style that you want and enter the RGB hexadecimal code for the color that you want (you can only affect the main color, the border and skull will remain white).




There are other hacks for creating pseudo headers, such as using different font sizes/colors, text background colors, etc. Some members even use images as headers, though this takes more work.


Or are you suggesting something else? In that case, please provide an example so that we can look into it.

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I don't think the header feature is available for everyone. I don't see it in my toolbar.


Also, Would it be too much to ask for a skull-less header option?


The way I do it now is by copy-pasting existing skull-less headers, but with the new WYSIWYG editor, I can't change the color of the header. 

It's not an important request, but I just prefer the simplicity of the skull-less variants.

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Ah, I didn't realize that we hadn't enabled those icons for everyone. That has been fixed - everyone should be able to see/use the header formatting tools now.


Yes, we're working on other header options without the skulls. What I'm thinking about are a normal header, Caslon Antique header, half header, Caslon Antique half header, and then shorter versions of each (i.e., the first four would be the same size as those that I used in the post above whereas the shorter versions would have smaller text and less padding.

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Thanks for enabling that feature. 

what I intended to ask for is the ability to use an html header hierarchy (h1 - h6) similar to how the editor currently supports paragraph, lists, and font styling.

Currently, I can set a specific font size, font weight, and font family. I’d rather just use headers to make the content more readable while supporting user controls like custom font sizes, etc.  


I believe this is a common feature in text editors. I have it using Office Online or any Atlassian product.


thanks again for you unlocking a feature I didn’t consider. Hopefully my original ask is now clear. 

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The feature of "header" treatment in the editor is very simple to implement.

What's needed:

1.  An icon that represents H1, H2 etc..

2.  Time to go into the ACP (Admin Control Panel) to add the button to the Editor Toolbar.

3.  Write the 'documentation' so people know how to use it.




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And before we can do any of those things, we'll probably need to reach a consensus on the header progression/formatting. This would simply be a standardized list that works for the most (likely limited to those that participate in the discussion). Members that dislike the standardized progression could then use the other formatting options to create their own header progressions manually, with the standardized options being the "easy" button.


So the questions:

  • How many headers in the progression?
  • What should header 1 (H1) look like?
  • What should header 2 (H2) look like?
  • What should header 3 (H3) look like?
  • etc.

These should form a logical progression, with H1 being the largest and H6 being the smallest, but all of the headers standing out from unformatted text.


Default versions of each header shouldn't rely on colors, though colors might be an option (as with the headers shown in the post above).


As far as the buttons are concerned, we'll keep it simple and use H1, H2...H6 (I'll work on those).

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