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I am going to throw out a list, this is what I am building towards. I'll continue to change the list, so feel free to give some advice on what you think. This is also the place where I'll collect my thoughts on the guard and eventually my work, my models, pics and so on.


Colors: Tanks - Armor = Black with red accents - red guns. (darker red)

Troops - Dark Blue with red accents, black gloves and boots.

Kasrkin - Not sure just yet but they are elite and so I'll probably add a color here or reverse colors perhaps.

I am looking into having a Cobra Stencil made, if not then we'll be icon free.




Command Sq - flag

Command Tank

Lord Solar - cobra commander? I'd have to have someone convert it for me to be honest.



Cadians x5



Kasrkin x3 - one with Teleport, 2 with Chimeras - Plasma / Hotshot guns


Chimera x2



Scout Sentinel x2

Scout Sentinel

Scout Sentinel 




Leman Russ x2 - LC/HB -- 1 Vanq -- 1 Plasma cannon


This comes out to 2k points. I didn't go into the nitty gritty here like gatekeeper, or relics, stratagems and so on.

Right now I have Cadia Stands box coming for Christmas. 

I am looking to pick up more but it's hard to know without some kind of release schedule on Kasrkin, Lord Solar, Dorn and so on.


Model detail - I was originally going to paint up Salvar Chem Dogs, so I have a number of heads with gas masks. This along with the head wearing a bandana over their face is the heads I'll use over and over. I don't mind them looking the same, and if I could get all 50 with the bandana I would.

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Troops should generally look like so.


The silver bits are likely black, not sure on the guns.

This gives me an idea for Kasrkin, I can paint their gasmasks red to mark them differently. maybe make their armored parts red as well to designate them as special

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I think there are some great opportunities here:


1) Kasrkyn can be painted like Crimson Guard (as Cobras elite infantry)


2) Lord Solar could be counts as Serpentor (his "counts as" Horse is instead Serpent's hover chariot


3) Ogryn/Bullgryn could be converted to look like the Dreadnoks


4) B.A.T.S. could be counts as Death Korps of Krieg squads (to represent their toughness with mini transhuman)


5) Dr. Mindbender could be a counts as Primaris Psyker


6) Cobra Commander could be a counts as Creed

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Reptilian Minis has some very nice 3d printable heads that are "technically" free.  https://reptilianoverlords.com/product/enemy-heads-collection/


free enemy troops


By technically, I mean you have to either sign up for a subscription or buy some 'tokens' to spend in their store, but once you do either of those it is a free download.


One of the helmeted Stormcast Eternal heads painted silver could make a great Destro.

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