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Kit-bashed volley guns

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Anyone have a good/easy version of a kit-bashed hot-shot volley gun? With Scions only allowed 2 special weapons per 10 man, I need some alternatives for my Inq Stormtroopers. I'm using Solar Auxiliary models, so its not really feasible to get a bunch of command squads for the melta/nade launcher they have. I've already got 10 melta gunners in the works (Solar Aux flamer squad with melta gun head conversion), but the volley gun looks good and I'm thinking I might want some of them. So anybody have a decent kit-bash of them as I'd rather not spend a ton of money on bits sites for just guns....?

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I think the key visual differences between the lasgun and a volley gun are the cable going into the magazine housing, the enlarged flash suppressor (or whatever the thing at the front is!) and the thickened/covered barrel behind the flash suppressor.





Conversion ideas

Of these, I think the easiest to alter – and most obvious at tabletop distance) – would be the front.


A simple conversion would be to file down the bottom of a flash suppressor on a Cadian pattern lasgun, then take a second lasgun, file down the top of the flash suppressor, and glue it in place. That'll give the big/double barrel look. 


Next, snip off the magazine and drill a hole to hold the end of a wire. Glue the wire in place, then attach the other end of the wire to a backpack or belt-pouch. 


There're more elaborate ways to make more convincing proxies (using a Catachan lasgun as the starting point, and replacing the exposed barrel area with a set of binoculars would be fun), but I think the above is a quick, cheap and accessible approach.


Simpler conversion/Kitbash ideas

A simpler approach, if your bits box has them, would be simply to add a larger targeter to help create some visual difference – or you could replace the flash suppressor of the lasgun with the front of a Space Marine targeter entirely, giving a nice bulky look.


Alternatively, swapping in a different pattern of lasgun (like a DKoK or Catachan version) or perhaps using a Votann ion gun might create enough visual difference between your standard troops. The key thing is that all the volley guns are consistently different.


...and a final idea would be to use the new plastic Kasrkin hotshot lasguns. These are pretty much perfect, and since the kit comes with a fair amount spare if you build a Kill Team, you might find friends with some left over.


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Thanks- I think, after looking around and trying to figure stuff out, that I'll use some of Spellcrow's upgraded lasweapons and marry them to the Solar Aux flamer guys- just paint the melta and volley-gun models' backpack fuel tanks differently to easily distinguish them on the table. 

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