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Chaos Knight allied with traitoris Astartes

Lord Tarkin

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If I take a Chaos Knight with my Chaos Marines as a super heavy auxiliary detachment, do I lose "Let the Galaxy Burn"? It says "If every unit from your army has the Traitoris Astartes keyword (excluding models with the Agent of Chaos or unaligned keyword)  and every <Legion> unit from your army is from the same Legion, this unit gains the following rules:"


Sooo I guess I don't get Let the Galaxy Burn?? Or am I missing something?

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I think if you take a single Knight as a Dreadblade, it gains the "Agent of Chaos" rule.



Declare this unit belongs to no dread household, in which case it is a DREADBLADE. You then replace the <DREAD HOUSEHOLD> keyword in every instance on its datasheet with DREADBLADE.



If this Detachment is a Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachment that contains one DREADBLADE unit, until the end of the battle, that unit gains the AGENT OF CHAOS keyword. Only one DREADBLADE unit from your army can have this keyword.


The inclusion of a DREADBLADE AGENT OF CHAOS unit from your army does not prevent CHAOS units in your army from using any rules that require every model from your army to have the same keyword (e.g. Contagions of Nurgle, Cabbalistic Rituals, etc.).


So I think you can take a single Knight, declare it to be a Dreadblade and still benefit from "Let the Galaxy burn".

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