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Oldmarines Blood Angels Sergeant


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7 hours ago, BLOODSAINT said:

Oh so good!  No goblin green base though? ;)



He had to fit in with the rest of my army, sadly. :sweat:


Also, I don't have any goblin green left and I don't feel any color in the current Vallejo or Citadel ranges is a good exact match for that..


Which begs the question, what IS a good match for the OLD goblin green?

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22 minutes ago, appiah4 said:

Which begs the question, what IS a good match for the OLD goblin green?


Original Goblin Green is still available from Coat d'Arms. They made the original GW paints back in the day and still make pretty much all the original colours (occasionally with slightly different names).



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Mutation Green is much darker than Citadel Goblin Green (somewhere between Snot Green and Dark Angels Green). 


Looking at the bases of the models I painted Goblin Green back around 1996-98 and comparing it to the contents of my pot of Game Colour Goblin Green, the Vallejo Game Colour paint looks close, but a bit more yellow. Obviously, comparing wet paint to dry paint isn't overly accurate, as acrylic paint desaturates as it dries.


++EDIT: This video might be of interest:


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Added video :)
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On 11/28/2022 at 9:34 AM, Inquisitor Eisenhorn said:

That was, in all seriousness, the very first warhammer box I ever bought and the very first model I ever painted, also as a Blood Angel.  Very nice job.  

Same. I wanted terminators, but they were out of them at the store so I took these instead. Probably painted their heads read, because i didn't quite understand the blue helmet on the heavy weapons guys. would be a while yet before i eventually got the angels of death codex.


Pity i sold them decades ago, never to be reseen.


Also, that's a very nice rendition of him. Dig the black powerfist.

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