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Best units in a wolves patrol detachment


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I made a thread about a list i was hoping to test in 1000pts but due to covid... i didnt :(


Since then i am paper testing (  :)  ) possible options to make the most efficient all around 1000pts patrol wolves list  to use in future games


This is my verdict :)


In 1000pts games you need as many bodies as you can get as an astartes army so you 'd better use one HQ slot.

The best HQ for the points i think is the chaplain aka wolfpriest. He is good in melee and also buffs nearby units. Making him master of sanctity and giving him a jump pack (to be where you need him) and benediction of fury (to smash heads in melee) is also very nice.


As for Troops grey hunters for cheap troops (for objectives) and bodies on the ground (barebones) are nice because they have the bolter option and bloodclaws cant use their +1 attack with successor chapter traits.


In Elite slot wulfen are very good for the points (4xhammers/shields, leader with claws) because they hit above their weight. For the other slot i think the best unit is 5xWolf guard terminators all with combi meltas, 3 of them with chainfists and 2 of them with storm shields to tank ap-4 hits out in the open. Terminators can teleport, shoot their meltas and then charge with +2 charge and rerolls from wolfpriest. They can also use the +1 to hit stratagem for the meltas. 


In Fast Attack slots the best choices are a lone cyber wolf for objectives and 5xman skyclaws unit with 3xmeltas for 105 points, a unit that also combos well with wolfpriest.


In heavy support slot the best choices are eradicators with 2xmelta,1xmultimelta (outflanking with stratagem) and eliminators with 2xlasfusils and a carbine on pack leader to guard a base objective behind cover (shoot and hide).


to summarize:


The most efficient all around 1000 points wolves list i came up with on paper:


1000 pts Spacewolves Patrol (Born heroes - Whirlwind of rage)




130 Wolfpriest (jump pack, benediction of fury, master of sanctity) warlord (imperium sword) [canticles of hate, litany of hate, mantra of strength]




90 5xGreyhunters (Stock)


90 5xGreyhunters (Stock)




145 5xWulfen (4xhammer/shield, leader with claws)


205 5x Terminators (2xcombimelta/storm shield, 3xcombimelta/chain fist)




15 1xcyber wolf


105 5xskyclaws (3xmelta guns)




75 3xeliminators (2xlasfusils,1xcarbine)


145 3xeradicators (2xmelta rifles,1xmultimelta)


Thoughts ???









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