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Mixed character/non character unit


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With the new Guard (or Astra Militarum as some people likes to call them:wink:) there are command platoons where only one model in a unit has Character keyword and other models don't.

So the question is: can the unit be chosen as a target for shooting if there is closer unit in range? Or maybe character doesn't benefit from Look Out Sir! until he is the only model left?

Thanks in advance

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I believe the Command Squad as a whole gains the Character keyword as long as the Commander is alive, just like the unit will gain the Vox-Caster or Regimental Standard keywords as long as those members are alive. So the whole unit will benefit from the Look Out Sir! rules. 

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Unless otherwise specified, keywords are applied to units, not models.  So, if the unit has the keyword, every model in the unit has keyword even if the model one would normally associate the keyword with dies.  Sometimes the unit has a mechanic to deal with that (for example, the Dark Apostle says that if he dies the 2 disciples are removed) and some don't (for example, a thousand suns basic unit has a sorceror instead of a sargeant and has the PSYCHER keyword which doesn't go away when the sorceror dies). 


As a note, with 8th ed. all units with the CHARACTER keyword were a single model, in 9th the rules specifically state that a unit with the CHARACTER keyword can have more than 1 model and the rules for having that keyword still apply.

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