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2k Blood Angels

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So I've got a bit of list going and want some feedback on it, It's for semi competitive semi friendly games.


Moritat 2x inferno pistol, jump pack, art armor

Librarian force sword, jump pack, biomancy, art armor, warlord: Paragon of unity


2x Assault squad: sgt - perdition blade. art armor ; in squad 2x power sword

1x Recon squad: 5x nemesis bolter

1x Indomitus termy squad: power fists bolters


Apothecarion detachment: 2x apothecary: jump pack, chainsword, bolt pistol

Dawnbreaker cohort: 10 man, 9x equinox power blade case, sgt - perdition blade, whole squad meltabombs

Angel tears: 10 man iliastus assault cannons, sgt thunder hammer

Heavy support:

Scorpius suqadron: 2x whirlwind scorpius with dozer blade


Typical rivals: SoH (infantry heavy, lots of termies and 2 contemptors), Word Bearers( lots of gal vorbaks, some termies and heavy support sqd with lascannons), ultramarines (infantry heavy with speeders and sicaran, big blob of suzerains, missle launcher heavy sqd). 

Librarian with Dawnbreakers and apo, Angel tears with moritat and apo. Park scorpius behind cover and near recon sqd, other advance and try to wreck havoc. 

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Few things:

*What Rite of War are you using?

*Apothecaries can't join units with Bitter Duty. (See the bottom of Apothecary Detachment)

*Maybe add a Nuncio Vox to the Recon to help scatters for the Scorpius

*Is this for a particular point level, or just a general guide for a list?

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The biggest worry I see is with the Moriart. With no RoW, he and his unit will scatter on Deep Strike and the Inferno pistol range is rather short. The opponent can also use the Withdraw reaction to get out of range as well.


There is also the matter of Apothecaries not able to join units with Bitter Duty

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Been some time, got my butt kicked by custodes over Christmas. But got upgrades for list and up scaled it to 2,5k points. 


1x Moritat: 2 inferno pistols and Thunder hammer

1x Herald: TH, JP, Warlord: Paragon of unity



2x5 Crimson paladins: Perdition Axe, 4x sunset blades, 4x Coriolis shields

1x10 Dawnbreaker cohort: Spear of perdition, 9x falling-star power spear

1x10 Angel tears: Arch-erelim with illiastus and thunder hammer, 9x illiastus assault cannon



2x10 assault squad: 1x Perdition sword, 2x Power sword, artificer armour

1x10 reconnaissance squad: 10x nemesis bolter, nuncio vox


Heavy support:

1x Whirlwind scorpius : dozer blade

1x Leviathan dreadnought: cyclone melta, claw, phospex, nipple illiastus assault cannons


No rite of war.

Herald goes to dawnbreakers to make them line, moritat with angel tears. Crimson paladins and maybe dawnbreakers in deep strike others start on table.

Recon and whirlwind sit in back and shoot, leviathan woobles to middle, paladins help on flanks with assault squads, cohort and tears go to the middle to contest.


I'm thinking about switching moritat for biomancy libby to make dawnbreakers S7 and T5 but in game vs custodes he was absolute beast destroying about 500 pts of them (lucky chain shoot rolls) so for now moritat stays.

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