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Trying to shame myself into painting more


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Figure I lurk enough, time to put my models where my mouth is. 


Not the first guy I've painted for this army, and I'll get more pics of the rest later, but I figure better late than never. 




Finished up the Biophagus. I've got a Patriarch, a Magus and about 15/20 Cultists, but they're in storage. I'll dig them out and bring them over next time I'm at the unit. 


Haven't developed my lore for them yet past the fact they're an offshoot of my old Tyranid army, the Wendigo Tendril (or, more affectionately, Hive Fleet Creampuff). 




I'll get a more recent photo of the Kelermorph up soon in the lightbox, but this is the best I've got for now. 


Next up, a Locus. 

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Instead of shaming yourself Ill do it for you...




Shame Shame Shame Game Of Thrones GIF - Shame Shame Shame Game Of Thrones -  Discover & Share GIFs



They are looking good though, good job. :thumbsup:

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I've had a fair bit going on in real life (job hunting is a nightmare) but here's a look at what i've been working on. Got the rest of the day free so I may post an update later. 


So here's my Locus. I'd had him primed and ready before the move and prepared the head at around the same time. [Unfortunately] it appears his head has been lost in the move which is just fantastic and I'm unsure how to approach replacing it, as it had grooves ground off for the hood to fit. So for now, he's a jawa. He's a bit glossy too so I need to blast him with some matte varnish, and I still need to do some final highlights post-wash to make him pop more. But I'd say he's about 80% done which I think warrants a cheeky update. 






As an additional bonus, here's another WIP of a little pal. This might clear up why I called my old 'nids the Creampuffs. 




If I get more done tonight I'll get some more pics of the finished articles up. 

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