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New Year/New Army - To which FW belongs this colour scheme?

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It looks to me like it is from Stygies VIII. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Stygies_VIII


Welcome to the forum, I hope to see your army soon enough. I'm mainly working on reviving my Ulthwé Aeldari now but I'll happily answer questions (Apart from rules/tabletop questions, my Adeptus Mechanicus army hasn't won a game yet! :laugh:).

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No problem. I first saw that colour scheme actually painted on a model when they released the new Kill Team and decided it was pretty nice. Before that I'd only really seen Mars, Ryza and Metalica painted in the codex.

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I have started to assemble the first models. Selected only on a "I like this one" criteria.

Here is a list of the stuff on the work bench:


- Archmago on Abeyant - thank you HH Character series.

- The old "Get Started" box which includes a unit of Skitarii, an Engine Seer and a Skorpius Dunerider

- A Macrotek Engine Seer and its 4 Thralls

- A Termite


I changed my mind a little bit for the paint scheme. although Stygies is good looking, I don´t like how it goes on for vehicles.

I will probably go to something inspired by Stygies but using a kind of grey instead of black and going to vehicles closer from
Graia or Agripina. Bellow a test sample of the grey I tried on Promethemium refill station:




So basically I enlisted myself for a home made Forgeworld...

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