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[3k] Knights in Two Flavors

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I am not particularly tickled with the new Knight army and how it builds, but barring a FAQ, it is what it is.


So, since I already owned a ridiculous amount of Knights and have been slowly purchasing baby Knights... here are two potential directions to go - one more serious, one more gimmicky.


The Gimmick

8x Warglaives

2x Knight Aspirant Castigators

3x Knight Aspirate Errants


Simple plan here. Warglaives are Line - they go take objectives in groups of four, each with a Castigator and Errant (or two) to back them up, depending on all the various battlefield factors. I think a Castigator with Science of Slaughter might work (I need to dig in the Liber to see if this is legal though). Really silly list, probably fun if only for the fact it has so many models including four big boy Knights. Probably will struggle with the lowered WS/BS though. The Castigators will survive the movement debuff, at least.


The Traditional

5x Warglaives

2x Helverins

1x Acastus Porphyrion w/ twin Lascannons, Helios, Implacable

1x Errant w/ Meltagun

1x Seneshal Magaera w/ Siege Claw


Much more variety and whatnot. Seneschal here doing the Reaction thing is nice. Lots of Warglaives to rush down field and an Errant to accompany. Acastus and Helverins sit back and just crank out fire. Magaera supports where needed.


Thoughts on either and/or both?

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