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Tau vs Sisters 10-minute battle report

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Thanks for the replies!


I think I can get more milage out of the ghostkeel, especially with AoC gone. But I agree it's not great. Enforcer commander - it's hard to let go of the chonkiness and -1 damage. But in reality it hasn't come up much and I may try it out as a Coldstar.


The Krootox was just to fill out points, I think. Also thought it could be useful to run around and grab an objective, but then I picked Grind and never ever wanted to expose it! So it was pointless in the end, 2 more marker drones somewhere would have been better.


I didn't have an easy way of getting the last quarter for RND. The Stealth Suits could have tried for a 50/50 shot. I often end up with 8 on that but at least I can be fairly confident of 8. With Arks of Omen now I could put 6 more hounds in reserve for free just to have more chance of getting that last quarter.

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