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3k Sons of Horus Close Assault

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My goal is to have an army based around infantry in land raiders and spartans.




-volkite charger

-power fist


9 Command Squad

   -9 power weapons

   -8 volkite charger

   -9 Boarding Shields


Cataphractii Chaplain

-magna combi-melta



2x 10 Breachers

     -Artificer Armour

     -Melta Bomb

     -10 volkite chargers

2x Land Raider Proteus Carrier





10 Justerin with thunderhammers


3 Apothecaries

-Artificer Armour

-Volkite Charger

-Power Weapon





-twin-linked las cannon

-flair shield



My main questions are if it is worth dropping some Justerin to give the breachers plasma guns or something and give the land raiders and spartan pintle weapons. Also would a list like this be unfun to play against?

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I think 10 thunder hammers might be more than you needin the Justaerin, you could leave a couple with basic load out to save some points. If you are considering special weapons on breachers, I’d go with melta over plasma. 

The list only has 4 units in transports, which you might find difficult at 3000 points, if your transports get wrecked early, your opponent could focus firepower on your units and whittle your army down quickly.


On a side note, your breachers won’t get the benefit of the ‘Heavy’ unit type rule as the apothecary’s joining the breachers don’t have ‘Heavy’.


Also, the Justaerin or command squad don’t appear to have a transport? (4 units, 2 land raiders and 1 Spartan)



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