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Preorders on the 21st and prices

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1 minute ago, duz_ said:

I managed to get some dice before they sold out. That was a surprise? 


Also I feel like I missed the Commissar MTO I never saw them on the site :cry:

They haven't gone up yet. I think they'll be used to fill out the next wave (castellan, rough riders, kasrkin, commissar).

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10 minutes ago, MedicMike0708 said:

Whew, thanks for clarifying. I tried every combination of “commissar made to order” and came up with posts from 2020. I really thought I missed out. Ordered 2x dorn and a lord solar that’s gonna be kitbashed to have a hat

There'll be another announcement to give the date for sure, they always make a relatively big fuss about made to order waves. 

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Just now, MedicMike0708 said:

I have a secret dream that they will open the mold vaults and have made to order classic regiments available 

They did the Vostroyans a while back (and kasrkin were one of the first things they did) so they're probably out. I really want to see the old stormtroopers back, don't have enough of those. 

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9 hours ago, Emurian said:

Am I missing something? I expected a box of Kasrkin to be released. Does GW expects us to hunt for sold out kill team boxes just to get a unit?

No this again isn’t a full release, but Kasrkin are available in KT right now.

horsie bois also aren’t releasing yet either.

maybe another 1-3 weeks for the rest of the units 

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10 hours ago, Doghouse said:

I've just been watching unboxing videos of these preorders and saw the Dorn has a massive hole in the bottom. I get this is to save space on the sprues and to be fair you won't really ever see it in a game but as a modeller first and foremost it is really bugging me.

Yeah that is one big hole & it bugs me as well

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