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Eternal Penitent

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This Strategum is fairly nice and if you're taking a FW Contemptor or a Telemon it's a go to standard Strategum to utilise.


It's tempting to thematically whack it on the largest Dreadnought we have in the list, but is this the best target?


A Telemon is a massive target of course, often with one of the army's limited ranged weaponry, so does it really need the reroll charges and an extra attack? Will it die quicker or just not be in melee as often? It also degrades so will be less useful in melee anyway.


An army which also had an Achillus or 2 will have a faster moving Dreadnought as a candidate for Eternal Penitent that is also more damaging in melee with that dirty great big spear.  It also doesn't degrade eh.


I'm feeling I need to review how I structure my list with this regard. An Achillus wants to be on melee as much as possible after all.

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I've been switching it between my Achillus and Telemon over various games. The Telemon is a massive target that tends to draw fire (and soak it up pretty well) but I find it's better as a shooting platform first that can also punch stuff. The Achillus I want getting up close and personal and I'm also more likely to From Golden Light it. At which point the re-roll charges (and +1 if running Dread Host) is a big boost. The Achillus now gets EP more often than not.

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