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Making an RT codex

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Just a fun little idea/project for myself.


first two entries I have

RT Sentinel (armored and scout variants available)

RT battle cannon hvy2 36” S7 AP-3 D2

Fletchette Cannon hvy10 24” S3 AP- D1

Heavy grenade launcher 

Frag hvyd6 36” S4 AP-1 D1

Krak hvy1 36” S6 AP-2 D2


RT Tankette

M10 WS6+ BS4+ S5 T5 A1  W10 Sv4+
RT Battlecannon

hvy stubber

turret rule


its late I’ll continue this later, it’s like 1am here now

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hired guns 10-20

M6” WS5+ BS5+ S3 T3 A1 W1 Sv6+
heavy laslock hvy1 S5 AP- D1


House guard 5-10

M7” WS4+ BS4+ S3 T3 A2 W2 Sv4+(6++) 

hotshot lasgun

shotgun assault1 S4 AP- D2 

plasma pistol

power sword

plasma gun

cybernetic upgrades- +1 to WS and BS +5 ppm


hvy support

archeo cannon 3 crew 1 gun

M3 WS5+ BS4+ S3 T3 A1 W3 Sv6+
archeo-battlecannon hvy d3+1 S10 AP-3 D d6+2 indirect fire



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