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Boarding action terrain dimensions?

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Hi all! I’m printing up a set of terrain that I will use for boarding action and I was wondering if anyone has the dimensions of the walls in the boarding action boxset. Really just the length since I know the walls I am printing are thicker. I’m going to be just using them for basement games but I want to keep it as accurate as possible. Thanks in advance! 

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Im also making my own atm. Im kinda confusing my self with how much stuff is in the box and whats needed. So far i have counted 48 short walls(as long walls are just 2 short walls with a pillar attached) but i keep confusing myself with how many pillars the box can make. Can anybody tell me ? And are my wall count correct?

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According to the product page on GW's site:

  • 16 Short Walls (8 with Hatchway & Pillars, 4 with Hatchway)
  • 16 Long Walls (4 with Hatchway & Pillars, 4 with Hatchway, 4 with Pillars)
  • 32 Pillars
  • 4 Wall End
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33 minutes ago, Sir Clausel said:

I had seen that. But some of the pillars on the walls seems to only be halves. So thats the part that confuses me. Dont know how many are halves and how many are full pillars

None of the pillars on the walls are full pillars. They're all halves, and the 32 pillar pieces can make up the other half, if you're not joining two such walls together. There's a cap that goes on top to hide the joint.

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