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Battle Sanctum?

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Another thread in Amicus cued me to the fact that the Sororitas Battle Sanctum has disappeared without warning or notice.


I really wish GW would stop doing this- they have a Last Chance to Buy that they NEVER use. It cost me my Ambull. It cost me my Tectonic Frag Drill. And now it has cost me a Battle Sanctum.

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This is why you shouldn't stall on getting your terrain. I learned this lesson after FW dropped the boards without announcement. I have 2 sanctums unpacked and one still sealed to flip money on. Just waiting till I see 150+ prices on eBay and I can let mine go (bought the 3rd for 40) I'm also saving 1 celestine statue on sprue to sell loose seeing as the honoured imperium statue can also catch a nice pocket change atm.


Likewise I bought the fantasy trees x3 just to throw them in my garage and wait for them to rotate out. Similar sized trees printed on Etsy are gdm expensive hence it was a safe bet.


I should get off my lazy ass and throw the sigmarite mausoleum online for 130 that's still sealed. 


40k terrain is one of the FEW items in this hobby that lets you flip a profit once it goes OOP. Regular minis just don't net enough to make it worth the effort to speculate on (+ tons of recasters out there that make OOP minis dent the prices online, luckily none of them that I know off is arsed to recast scenery)



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Thing is, in AoS your faction terrain is free. In 40k you have to put points into it which stops you from having something that can hurt the enemy/do an action/hold an objective so it's literally pointless to try to use them. If faction terrain pieces were free then they'd get take far more often and they'd sell more. 

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