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New man on Macragge

Das Hound

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Afternoon all, I hope you're all well.


I've followed Warhammer (particularly 40K) for years without ever really making a concerted effort to collect an army. I spent most of January working out which SM chapter to collect and landed on the Ultramarines. The Roman aesthetic appeals, I think Guilliman is a great character and I buy into everything they stand for. I've only ever played a couple of games of 40K so looking forward to investing some time into learning the ins and outs of an army. 


Anyway, looking forward to contributing to this forum and after a bit of initial advice. 


I currently have the models below and I have a question - what would you buy next? I'm a fan of Bladeguard, Aggressors and have grown to like the Invictor but after some advice on what would be a sensible purchase. 


1 x Primaris Captain w/ Storm Shield

1 x Primaris Chaplain

1 x Redemptor w/Plasma, Storm Bolters and Gatling

5 x Assault Intercessors

5 x Intercessors

6 x Inceptors



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Bladeguard are great, I pretty much always take them and Redemptors in all my lists. 


Eradicators are good, and you could get some Heavy Intercessors to add to the Gravis theme.


At the moment, we're approaching a new edition, so I would say get whatever you like the look of and would enjoy painting the most.

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Welcome to the Fortress of Hera, Brother. Feel free to use the gym and tennis court, but the nuln oil deposits are all mine!


If Primaris is your preference, which see what you got is probably what you'd fancy, then yes Bladeguard fit into just about any Marine faction. Especially if you want an escort for Guilliman to lead.


I got to echo further sentiments with regards to Eradicators. My friend used the Heavy melta Rifles with his Space Wolves and their increased damage output is essentially free to Ultramarines in Tactical Doctrine as we don't suffer the heavy penalty.


If in doubt though, add another Dreadnought! As well as thematically being cool and good on the table, it'll split the fire/focus on your existing Redemptor. Plus he'd be lonely.

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The one caveat to the Eradicators is if they come in off of reserves (even in Tactical Doctrine) they don't get the super trait unfortunately. It's something that GW changed that drove me batty. I love the Eradicators, and always try to get the MM in the squad as well, but just beware of the timing of the super doctrine. 


There's a strong list out there utilizing Redemptors as well (any dread will do) and the secondaries make this seem a decent choice now. 

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On 1/24/2023 at 3:59 PM, BLACK BLΠFLY said:

Eradicators or BGV. I recommend 4x heavy melta rifles and 2x multi-melta… that’s a blistering 16 shots !!!

I don't know, I went with the assault Melta Rifle.  If I need to I can still Advance +2 with Guilliman, and reroll.  If not, I didn't lose much.  Melta Marines are more about range than shots.   In addition to fall back and shoot and a few other tricks up the blue sleeve. 

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Heavy melta makes stuff disappear real quick. If if you’re hitting on 4+ the math works out in its favor. I have split fired with the squad I posted above taking out a Chaos Knight and a Wardog in one go. Sure my opponent’s saves were not good but he had run out of CP so couldn’t rotate an ion shield.

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