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New old Mech Infantry 2k list


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With a new dex I have dusted off my tanks and need to build the new Dorn but otherwise the army is complete and ready to go, something I really cant say for any of the many armies I own outside my all infantry guard army. Eventually I will do some repaints on the tanks to match my Praetorians who would not be using camo tanks but they are painted well so that is a project for a much later day.


Havent decided on doctrine yet so for now sticking with born soldiers until I get a game or two in. 


Tank Commander -warlord Gatekeeper- sponson plasma cannons, hull lascannon, Maticulous Calculator, armored tracks, pintle Heavy stubber

Tank Commander- Demolisher or Vanquisher, sponson Multi-meltas, hull lascannon, armored tracks, Knight of Piety, pintle heavy stubber


5x infantry squads, lascannon, plasmagun, whatever the sergeant model has, voxcaster.


2x tempestus plasma/melta(grrr) plasma pistol

2 Regimental Engineseers


Leman Russ MBT- Executioner Plasma Cannon, 3 heavy bolters, heavy stubber, armored tracks

Hydra armored tracks

Dorn- armored tracks, gatling cannon, oppressor cannon, 2 multi-meltas, 3 heavy stubbers, Mechanical Pack rat.


5x Chimeras with hull and turret heavy bolters, pintle heavy stubbers


Should reliably put down a butt load of firepower. I have tempestus for dropping in behind enemy lines to do actions and enough infantry to jump onto and do actions.

Other options I was considering for doctrines are Elite Sharpshooters and mechanized infantry or Heirloom weapons and mech infantry. Should I leave the demo/vanquisher Russ as a commander or move it to the LR squadron? Can mech orders affect themselves?


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