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Advice for a Fire Hawks colour scheme.

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I was watching Arbitor Ian's video summary of the Badab War and I found myself quite liking the Fire Hawks chapter featured in the story. Their bright orange and yellow livery, combined with their flame motifs and shock-assault tactics really appeal to me. Like a more colour bunch of Black Templars. So much so that I'm tempted to buy a Primaris captain or something to see if I can make a workable colour scheme for them. Can anybody recommend some paints (preferably Citadel) which could potentially work for an army? I'll attach an image of them in case a reference is needed.


Note: I'm aware the Fire Hawks were lost in the Warp before the Ultima Founding, but my head-canon for this force would be similar to how the Soul Drinkers were resurrected as a Primaris chapter. Perhaps some influential voices in the Ecclesiarchy were able to convince others to recreate a chapter that had been so ferocious in their zeal when they had existed.


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1 hour ago, WAR said:

Citadel Contrast Gryph Hound Orange and Ironjawz yellow 


I went out just a few hours ago to get some paints for it, so I'm afraid it's a little late (I was eager to start this little experiment honestly) I spoke to the bloke in my local Games Workshop and he recommended Wild Rider Red, and so I plan to use that as my general orange. Though a friend also said to base in Mephiston and then go over it in Wild Rider, with Bright Dragon Orange for highlighting. This is all over a White Scar primer, with Liberator Gold for a nice light trim.

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That is a lovely looking marine right there, not confident enough to do any of that freehand but that is an excellent interpretation of the scheme. I've taken advice from a friend and done a Mephiston Red base and then watered down some Wild Rider Red and stippled a bit to try and get a burnt orange for most of the armour. It's going well so far I hope, and I will likely post something in WIPs later today. 

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