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Dark Angels Evolving lists(Currently Drop pod assault with allies)

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Just getting a baseline of a list to work towards. Hopefully GW will do a reprint of the decals in the near future, I need an overpriced sheet. Everything is dreadwing unless it says otherwise.


Faris Redloss(going to convert the Marduk model to have an axe instead of the ugly sword)

5 Deathwing companions with Tyrannic Greatswords + Land Raider Proteus

Centurion Deathwing Librarian with Telepathy


Interempter Squad in a rhino. One upgraded to the Incinerator

Inner Circle Cenobytes x5 + grenade harness and Vexilla in a Land Raider Proteus


Recon squad x5 aug scanner, Nemisis Bolters- Fire Wing

Tac squad x10 with rhino. sgt art armor and powerfist

Tac squad x10 sgt with art armor and powerfist

Tac Support Sqd x5 with plasma incinerators and a rhino


Sicaran Omega with full heavy bolter load- Iron Wing

Sicaran with lascannon sponsons- Iron Wing


Cerberus(when it comes out) Iron wing


Should be a decent all comers list. Hoping the Sicarans will shore up some missing components. I have access to a Punisher and a Venator as well. I need to find some 3d files for the companions, I dont feel 5 power armored dudes with swords are really worth $100+. I might simply print some winged heads and add them to some Sanguinary Guard models I have lying around, strap on some backpacks and appropriate shoulderpads with checkboards and call it good.


The recon squad is there but can be replaced. I would have to convert one from existing models anyway. Why does no one I see use Scout Squads? They are 20 points cheaper.

I would run a contemptor instead of the Recon Squad but would still need to find 60 points. Only way I can think of that is to downgrade the tac support squad to an interempter squad. Is having the contemptor worth it?


Edit: Since the Cerebus isnt out yet, I'll just throw in a Fire Raptor with all the upgrades and bump the TSS back to an Interempter squad the same as the other one and still include the Contemptor and recon. For the time being. Actually easier since I have models for Interempters and would have to convert for the incinerators.

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Dreads are definitely worth it. Best standard unit in the game imo. 


I love the fire raptor but you have to start it in reserves and it is likely to get shot down before it gets to do anything. The Aug scanners increasing the number of intercept reactions an army can make. This makes me sad as I really want to field one. Generally see a lot of 10 man lascannon squads in the games I've played. 


Interemptors ftw. They are better than a TSS. 


With the Dread RoW your tanks will suffer a move penalty if going into no man's land unless they are dreadwing. Just be mindful. Also you need to have a plan to kill whats in your opponents DZ as they get VPs for surviving units. 


Biomancy is also a good pick for the libby. Can activate it during a reaction and give those companions to meaning no insta death to lascannons. 


List is solid but thought I'd share my thoughts. I've played the dreadwing RoW a few times. Super fun. 

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Looks like this will be fun. Nice to see Dreadwing without it being all about phosphex. Looking forward to seeing the conversions.


Scout squads don’t get line and don’t get good models right now, so I think that’s why they are not seen in many lists.

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Everything is dreadwing unless I said otherwise. I figure the gun boat vehicles in the back wouldnt be moving as much so its not as big a deal.


The fireraptor is temporary since I have the model and the Cerebus isnt out yet in plastic. It probably will be before I get a game in at the rate I am moving. So I will have to make some changes when it does come out to fit it in. 


I posted a blog thread over in the general HH area along with a couple pics.

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18 hours ago, Galron said:

Everything is dreadwing unless I said otherwise. I figure the gun boat vehicles in the back wouldnt be moving as much so its not as big a deal.


Sorry, I meant Dreadwing. My mistake. What I wanted to say was that the Recons can't have Firewing. They must take Dreadwing too.


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Decided to go a different direction and do a Drop Pods Assault with a Alpha Legion Recon Company Ally

Most of this is still in the design and paint phase. 

AL Recon Company Ally


Recon Squad x5 dudes with Nemesis bolters and augury scanner

Scout Squad x5 melta bombs, melta combi, nuncio vox, shotguns

Headhunters x6 guys with heavy bolter and art armor on sgt

Sky Hunter squad x3 with plasma cannons and nuncio vox



Dark Angels Drop Pod Assault

Praetor-master crafted Terranic Greatsword

 Retinue- Deathwing Companions Drop pod- 3 Terranic greatswords, 2 Ageis


Contemptor-ironwing, dreadnought drop pod, Plasma Cannon, fist with plasma blaster, havoc launcher. Iron wing

1 Dreadwing Interemptor squad x5 guys in drop pod

Inner Circle Knights Cenobium- Deathwing Dreadstorm Drop pod- Beast hunters


2x Tactical Squads, stormwing, sgt with powerfist and art armor/ drop pod

Tact Support Squad x7 with melta guns Iron Wing/ drop pod


Leviathan 2 storm cannons, heavy flamers, phosphex discharger, Ironwing dreadnought drop pod


The idea is the scouts start on the board on objectives and provide the better chance of going first in order to tie up the opponent in his deployment zone. Very much a death or glory assault. There are a few odds and ends that are optional. I still have points to spend and am not entirely convinced on the melta bombs on the scouts.

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