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Custodes + allied Sisters 3.5k


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Hi guys, just want some input and feedback on this list for a up coming event. Smack bang on 3.5k atm. Pretty much plan is just run forward.


Haetron guard, shield captain and 1 unit of 5 guardians will deep strike. Valdor hangs with the big squad of guardians with the silent judge and vestal in it (deathstar) and other vestal will go with another squad. get enemy to focus on the big group with valdor and hoping the rest will have enough time to get stuck in. Gonna buy my faith into the culexus fear rule and the sanctioners to pin units. Any comments are welcomed. 



Valdor W/ teleport array 


Shield cpt with archeotech pistol


Culexus assassin



3x Haetron guard with swords


Achillus dread



9x Guardians

5x Guardians

5x Guardians

5x Guardians

4x sentinels



2x Pallas with laser


 Ally sisters.



Silent judge



2x Vestals



10x vigilators + kharon W/ multimelta



10x sanctioners W/ vox and augury scanner + kharon W/ multimelta



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