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Iron Warriors Iron Fire 3k


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Just a list to run while I work on my DA. Got a couple units I would like to finish up and this gives me a reason. I loved Iron Fire last edition and am well aware it kind of sucks this edition due to the severe nerfing of artillery. I had hope for a short time that Vindicators and my Typhon would work but they lack Barrage :(  So I am stuck with Quad Launchers and Scorpius for effective fire. So in this I decided to not go whole hog into the artillery thing and have it as a complimentary function and see how that works. This is a very slow list as most of it is pounding sand.


3k Iron Fire


Consol -Siege Breaker- sits with the Iron Havocs


Apothecary- grav mace(goes with breachers)

Apothecary-(Goes with Iron Havocs)


Dominator Cohort base except one with Melti-melta+chainfist

--Landraider with lascannons and multi-melta


Contemptor- lascannons + claw +Havoc launcher

Quad Launchers x3 with phosphex


Breachers x15 grav mace, 3 melta guns, legion vexilla

Tacticals x 13 nuncio vox, grav mace, augury scanner, shrapnel bolters

tacticals x 13 nuncio vox, grav mace, augury scanner, shrapnel bolters

Recon squad Nemesis bolters, nuncio vox


Iron Havocs x10 autocannons, augury scanner

Scorpius x2

Leviathon 2x melta lances, phosphex discharger, volkite caliver-  runs behind the land raider.


The goal with this force is to advance to the midfield objectives and shoot what I can and use the phsophex to make the middle as uncomfortable as possible for my opponent.

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