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BA 3k DoR


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Hey team,


I've been out of Heresy for a number of years now. 2.0 has my curiosity peaked, so am looking at a BA force.


I don't know what's good/What's not and if all this chat I hear about deep strike being a death sentence is real or not!


There's no real fluff around the list, just wanted a fun general all rounder kinda thing:



- 3000 pts Day of Revelations -



Preator: Jump pack, Paragon blade, Master crafted, Melta bombs



Apoth detachment: x3 apoths, Jump packs, Artificer Armour, Power Weapon


Dawnbreakers: x10, Power spears, Melta bombs


Catphractii: x5, 3x chain fist, 2x powwer fist, grenade harness, Land raider, twin linked lascannon 




Assault Squad: x15, p.fist, Artficer armour, 3x p.axe, 


Assault Squad: x15, p.fist, Artficer armour, 3x p.axe, 


Tac squad: x10, Rhino with MM


Tac squad: x10, Rhino with MM


Recon Squad: x5, Nemesis Bolters, 




Incaendius: Powwer fists, melta guns




Arcus: Lascannons


Venator: Lascanons




Hopefully a strong enough ground base before the hammer drops in from the sky. 


Should I just make the tac squads recon squads? Do I need more firepower? Are flyers any good?


I have about 200pts spare so can add another unit or vehicle of something. Maybe a chaplin for the DB's but could be overkill? Lascannon heavy team?


Thanks everyone!

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Your list looks reasonable.

Keep the Tacts, they offer fire support while hold middle objectives.

If you have a spare Elite slot, maybe to a Contemptor Dread. That could add to more fire power and melee.

If not, could I recommend HHS with missiles? Super cheap and the frag missiles have pinning. This unit can really do a lot 

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You have very little anti-armor, how do you deal with it? I know in my area we have one guy fielding SoH with two Spartans, a Land Raider, 25 terminators, and a Cerebus + Abbadon. When I come up with lists, this is the question I ask myself. I would bring a Levi with twin Melta lances + whatever in a drop pod. It at least will be able to knock out a large AV14+ in theory.


Plastic assault marines cant come soon enough lol.

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Thank's to you both!


I don't know the state of the meta, I've not played and don't think much Heresy is going on locally, so no idea what to tech for.


The venator no good for AT? 


I did look at swapping out the sicarans for some magma preds to keep it more BA themed if you think that would be better? You can get 2 squads of 2 with Magma and lascanons with those points and the left over ones.


I also like MM jet bikes, but the fact they have to come on turn 2 makes me think they are too slow.


I could look at dropping the Termies for more guns, but I have nothing CC-related that can deal with TEQ.


Initially, I toyed with the idea of an armored convoy featuring a Falcion or something (Mainly as I love super heavy models) but deemed it a bit of a squeeze at 3k. The DoR seems really tricky balance.

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Day of Rev is a tricky RoW, mostly because you can play it a lot of different ways since it's not very restrictive. Everyone is gonna put their on take on it, largely on their personal assessment of risk/reward.

Personally, I try to keep my # of DSing unit low, about 3 or 4 at 2500-3000 points. I also take pinning units to try and minimize potential reactions. The Scorpius and Recons are great for that.

1st turn is important, so I bring a lot of long range guns to 'make a hole' and setup for when my DS stuff drops.

Your list seems to have all the elements above, so gets a thumbs up from me.

My only critic is the Termis, which is more of a personal bias. I've never had a lot of luck running those.


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