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Iron Warriors 2k Pride of the Legion to fight some Salamanders

Lord Krungharr

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Got a game vs Salamanders tomorrow and I'm debating whether or not to try Perturabo out.  It's only a 2K point game so it could be too many points into 1 unit?  Here are my Pride of the Legion list options I came up with as attached photos of Notepad (using what models I have):


Extra points I can sprinkle some combi-weapons in the Terminators, not sure if grenade harnesses are worth it for these units until I get some power lances modeled up for them :D


If I trimmed 4 or 5 Siege Tyrants out of the Perturabo list, I could take the 3rd Line unit too.   Might that be a good idea?  Or will the Tyrants make up for it by annhilating his Line units from afar anyways?



Iron Warriors 2k Pride of the Legion w Perturabo v1.JPG

Iron Warriors 2k Pride of the Legion w Praetor v1.JPG

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