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2k Iron Hands w Space Wolves allied detachment

Lord Krungharr

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Thinking about something like this, letting the Iron Hands handle the more deadly shooting, and Space Wolves running and charging like maniacs, giving the enemy little time for choices:


Iron Hands Recon Co

-Delegatus w ?/ Master of Signals/ 2x10 Recon Snipers/ 2 Apothecaries/ 2 Las-MM Javelins/ Leviathan w Cyclonic Lance and Claw

Space Wolves allies

-Tartaros Speaker of the Dead/10 Assault Squad/ 20 Despoilers w all heavy chainswords/10 Tartaros w power lances and volkite chargers


I like the Iron Hands sitting back as the army trait is excellent and good for not getting into combat.  

And if points fit maybe a Scorpius or 2 or a Grav Pistol Moritat (luv that guy!).   

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