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Autoswap of [names of IP-violating websites] in posts

Kastor Krieg

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I've just mentioned in a thread that I cannot find a change to rules somebody else stated, neither in latest GW FAQ for that book nor is that reflected on [a site that violates Games Workshop's intellectual property].

To my surprise, the site has obnoxiously insisted on changed the [name of a site that violates Games Workshop's intellectual property] to "games-workshop".

I cannot find it stated anywhere in the Rules of the Forum that mentioning the [name of a site that violates Games Workshop's intellectual property] is forbidden, on par with cuss words, so that it gets autoredacted.

Why this stealth censorship?

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Name of website that violates GW's IP removed
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Not to pre-empt a proper response, but there is no stealth censorship here. Your example aligns with a rule of the forum that we don't provide links (and therefore this site does not host them) to material which is copied from GW sources (ie pirate copies of stuff, or complete rules - which goes against GW IP Policy).


I had similar confusion when I was attempting to link to s c r i b d, because pirate copies of GW Codexes lurked there. I was unaware of that. I don't know about the site you mention, but I suspect that is the reason you're experiencing the change. It's to protect the board from ravenous GW Legals.

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This has been in our forum rules in its present form for over a decade, only slightly changed from similar wording that has existed for over two decades:




No intellectual property (IP) violations

We enforce whatever Games Workshop allows with regard to usage of their IP. This applies to all Games Workshop products and subsidiaries. Refer to Games Workshop's website for their IP guidance.


Where third parties are concerned, we will similarly enforce whatever they provide with regard to using their IP. Again, refer to their sites.


When in doubt, less is better.



Sites that violate Games Workshop's Intellectual Property, therefore, are filtered.


If you're worried about your IP (for material that is derivative of someone else's IP), it seems odd (read: hypocritical) that you're not worried about somebody else's and actually encourage people to violate that IP and share material without renumeration for the IP owner. :huh:


And it's not "censorship." It's a measure to prevent people from using the B&C for illicit purposes (i.e., sharing violations of GW's IP). We take reasonable measures to protect the site so that we can continue to provide free (and legal and ethical) service to the members of our community and the larger WH40K hobby community.

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