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Aquilon Terminators. Any good?


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I've been contemplating picking up a few Aquilon terminators as part of using my custodes in 30k. But has anyone run them in 40k? I know they miss out on a bunch of the Strats etc and can't be run as single models like the Allarus. But are there good reasons to run them outside of them being cool (which would probably still be enough for me).

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I play them from time to time. Honestly I think allarus terminators are more cost efficient, but some of the weapon options on aquilons are still interesting.

Adrathic destructors are nice for access to 3 damage weapons in an army that's mostly 2 damage.

I'm not a big fan of the flamers, as they cost extra and the auto-hits aren't so important in an army that has BS 2+.


The power fists are decent, but I think the extra attack + wound re-rolls from the power talons offers something that you can't find quite so easily elsewhere in the faction. Last game I had a vexilus standing by them with the extra attack banner, Dacatarai stance for the extra attack at no penalty (weapon is already D1), and also was running Dreadhost with the 6's count as 2 hits warlord trait. They were producing a fairly ludicrous number of hits, all re-rolling to wound, AP-3 due to dreadhost. They shredded everything they touched.

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I've played with them a few times. Currently, Allarus are probably better, since they're cheaper. However, the fist giving them S10 is just a blast. I really enjoy the super storm bolters but can easily see the appeal of martian death rays giving D3 in a Custodes force. 


Generally, anything you'd use a multi-model unit of allarus for, aquilon will do a similar job at.

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Thanks both. The fists are currently my favoured option. Partly because S10 is fun, but also because of the stupid way they're sold, the talons only come with the flamers which would be third choice gun. The adrathic guns for some D3 seems very tempting too since that's a gap not filled by many units in the army.

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