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How would you build this Order?

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I'm looking for suggestions on how to build my order.


The concept is a Hospitaller Order that is assigned to a Prison World.  Because of that post, they developed more along the lines of one of the Militant Orders, to protect the doctors and nurses in their ranks.  The specific Prison World, Saint Josmane's Hope, was destroyed during the 13th Black Crusade.  So the remnants of the order are now working with the Inquisitor that secured their evacuation from the planet. 


Model-wise I have several of the old metal Hospitaller models that I'm planning to include in each of my Battle Sister Squads, mostly for the visual appeal, but if I could show the effect on the table top that would be great.


I haven't found anything in the Sister's codex similar to the SM Infiltrator Squad Helix Gauntlet or the Votann Hearthkyn Warriors Medipack that would give the Sisters a squad level medic.  But I'm wondering if there is potentially another rule they could have that could role play that narrative. 


What would you suggest to show this on the table top?

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2 hours ago, RolandTHTG said:

Maybe Through Valorous heart, the 5+ vs mortal wounds as the treatment of the hospitaller, or maybe the minor order ability Righteous Suffering, for a similar effect? 


2 hours ago, WAR said:

Id take more novitiates too. 


I like both of those solutions.  Is it worth taking multiple of the elite hospitaller unit?  Since after the first they will start taking slots.

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On 3/11/2023 at 1:23 AM, sitnam said:

Perhaps kitbash some of your other characters with Hospitaller/Novitiate Hospitaller bits so they look like combat-oriented medics. I bet you could even convert up the new Hospitaller modle to be your Cannoness


Ooh I love it.  Thanks.

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