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New cultist only Boarding action army (cult of the arkifane)

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Thought I would put this out here because it seems to be otherwise slipping under the radar among all the other news. Though almost certainly a one-off, it's pretty much the first time I have seen GW offer any game legal way to create a pure cultist army and I'm hoping they will expand on it in the future.


Though a bit of a gimmick using only the 3 units from the codex itself that qualify,(Cultists, Accursed Cultist, and Dark Commune),   traitor Guard and Enforcer/Ogryn data sheets are also cultist keyword units. This actually lets you get some decent shooting (a plasma, melta and a grenade launcher in each squad, plus possible upgrades on the sarge)  and a heavy hitter into the Army as well, and is tempting me to get a few boxes of traitor guards and paint up the dark vengeance mobs I have in my pile.


Guess I was just wondering if anybody else was excited about this, whether for a small boarding patrol using the rules of the faction, or as a potential jumping off point to an actual cultist army list in the future?

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