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Galber Salvage and Exploration Co. Log

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Well, the time has come to initiate WIPLOG protocols for my Kin.


I finally got the 10 Hearthkyn from Combat Patrol painted up, meaning I can run 30 Hearthkyn, 6 Beserks, a Brokhyr and proxy/converted Sagitaur and Land Fortress:




Yes - I built 20 Squats out of Kharadron over the last few years.


Detail on Brokhyr and Co., including army mascot 'Auld Yellur':




Current status of Beserks (still 3+1 left from the actual left to paint) and Einhyr.




Aaaand close-up on new domehead lads (stunty one up front got an ion so the missile boi could join one of the other units):




Thanks for looking! I'll start playing games with them once the Pioneers are painted. Enough other projects on the go that it'ls be 6 weeks or so, I'd wager, depending on how complex they are (probably build them one at a time with other projects in between each one).




The Good Doctor.


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Wow... Pioneers are so much fun! A bit fiddly, certainly, but pretty darn quick, and hence more fun for me than, say, Outriders or Shroudrunners. They're quick enough that I'll probably add a Serk or two as an extra piece in the next tranche...


Basing to come; may do some detail work like rivets and polish up yellow at some point, but this week I'm moving over to Eightbound. ; )








The Good Doctor.

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