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Galber Salvage and Exploration Co. Log

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Well, the time has come to initiate WIPLOG protocols for my Kin.


I finally got the 10 Hearthkyn from Combat Patrol painted up, meaning I can run 30 Hearthkyn, 6 Beserks, a Brokhyr and proxy/converted Sagitaur and Land Fortress:




Yes - I built 20 Squats out of Kharadron over the last few years.


Detail on Brokhyr and Co., including army mascot 'Auld Yellur':




Current status of Beserks (still 3+1 left from the actual left to paint) and Einhyr.




Aaaand close-up on new domehead lads (stunty one up front got an ion so the missile boi could join one of the other units):




Thanks for looking! I'll start playing games with them once the Pioneers are painted. Enough other projects on the go that it'ls be 6 weeks or so, I'd wager, depending on how complex they are (probably build them one at a time with other projects in between each one).




The Good Doctor.


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Wow... Pioneers are so much fun! A bit fiddly, certainly, but pretty darn quick, and hence more fun for me than, say, Outriders or Shroudrunners. They're quick enough that I'll probably add a Serk or two as an extra piece in the next tranche...


Basing to come; may do some detail work like rivets and polish up yellow at some point, but this week I'm moving over to Eightbound. ; )








The Good Doctor.

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  • 4 weeks later...

We're getting gradually closer!


After a quick dip over to paint some 8bound, the last couple weeks got me here:






Even though the rear mounted Kin was kind of fiddly, these are still a joy of a kit. Second unit is near top of list for next steps. Might be worth assembly lining them.


In other news, seeing as the backlog was getting down to about 10 figures, I've decided to blitz the last few bits and bobs I need to reach 2000 points:




The Kahl has been dubbed 'Orson Colorado' for the lulz - he's still a Galber of course... just a Red Bear 'battle leader' version. In headcanon a Galber Kahl is denoted by their red hair. Orson here is obviously a full body cyborg tho... so the hair is more symbolic now, just like the beards on the converted Kharadron.




Just 5 more Kin to paint before I'm done: 4 Ironhead 'Beserks' and the last Pioneer.


Then I'll base these so I'll finally have an army that is properly based BEFORE it ever sees the table - a first in my 20+ years of hobby lol. So thinking about 3 weeks before they'll see the table.




The Good Doctor.

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7 hours ago, phandaal said:


Thanks! My other army is Ulthwé ; )


Literally just Iyanden contrast and Yriel edging over obligatory 2 coats of grey seer.


SO refreshing to be able to paint a decent yellow in a reasonable number of steps... Ironically I now spend more time on the leather / blacks lol.




The Good Doctor.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Time for an actual mission!


Assembled for first game 'as Votann' (original 2 squads were used as a mercenary Vanguard unit in AdMech for a couple years before we got an actual book).




Pioneers: probably the best bike kit ever.




Kahl Orson just chillin:


Orson Colorado Galber


The Crushin' Squad:




The CyBeserks:




Will report back on first game today.


At 1959 pts (Ymyr Conglomerate):


High Kahl: Hearthfist, Teleport Crest

Einhyr Champion: Grudge's End (Darkstar Axe), teleport crest

Brokhyr Forge-Master


2x10 bolter squads (HyLas each, one rail, one missile, axe/sword, medics and scanners

1x10 Ion squad (HyLas, Plasma, fist, medic, scanner)


1x5 Cthonian Beserks (hammers + mortar + fist)

1x9 Cthonian Beserks (axes and mortar + fist)


1x3 Pioneers - comms/scanner/HyLas

Sagitaur - L7/missiles


Hekaton (sky)fortress: rail cannon, bolt cannons, Kin's wrath)


It feels a bit thin tbh, but I think it's supposed to.


Beserks in the Hekaton, or Ion squad? Thinking I may reserve the axe squad so that they can come on flank and use the Hekaton just to get ions in reach earlier.




The Good Doctor.

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I flippin love this army! Chalk a dub for the Galberkin!


I ended up proxying in a Goliath Rockgrinder as a second Sagitaur to get to our usual ahem 2100 points, the final 100 points of which is always a character that cannot be a mandatory selection worth no more than 100 points and who may not have Relics or Warlord traits other than those they gain using some Crusade-lite rules. In this case the Forge-Master was knocked back to Iron-master to fill that role.


Report vs Sisters: playing Tempest. Spearhead Assault deployment, Vital Ground Primary and +1 Objective point for secondary (6 Objectives total).


I rolled first turn, and Alpha strike rail cannons lifted enemy Exorcist. The fortress cannons also murdered 5 Multi-melta Retributors while the centre bolter squad killed 5 repentia. 2 Sagitaurs leapt on a right objective and Einhyr just edged on to one of left. In other news some Initiates died on left flank, as I just kinda strolled toward objectives.


Turn 1 enemy grabs the left-of-centre objective that I can't see, but doesn't challenge on the centre objective. They do some chip damage and kill a sagitaur on right, but have basically nothing the threaten the fortress.


Turn 2 I jump Beserks out of fortress to try and charge a Rhino across the centre objective. I go aggro with Einhyr on left to move block the impending immolator there. Both charges fail.


Ion squad in Sagitaur on left jump out to support 3 survivors from destroyed one, and Pioneers come in to assist against Immolator and heavy bolter Retributors. Immolator is destroyed, 3 Retributors die and one runs away. 3 Hearthkyn charge sisters dismounting from wrecked Immolator and kill all but one (2 died in explosion).


Middle of Sisters Movement, Turn 2: Left flank




Middle of Sisters Movement, Turn 2: Right flank




Bottom Turn 2 I get charged by 3 Warsuits while 10 sisters mob centre objective. 2x5 Seraphim drop in back line and toast half hearthkyn on left flank and a few on centre objective. Otherwise, I lose 2 Beserks to the sum total of enemy shooting and assault, and the multi-meltas do nothing to the (sky)fortress. Beserks kill 2 of the Warsuits.


Turn 3 the 3 Hearthkyn who lost their ride earlier move up with the last Sagitaur and gun down 6 sisters on enemy home objective. Seraphim rear centre die to Skyfortress. Seraphim rear left die to Hearthykn and charging Einhyr Champ. Middle combat grinds on as I shift Beserks to try and deal with Battle Sister squad but only kill most of them lol... Paragon rolls clutch and barely survives.


Opponent concedes bottom turn 3 with a 30 point deficit and some characters alive, but only a single unit of Initiates, 3 battle sisters and a Paragon suit left, whereas I... literally have lost only the one Sagitaur?


I was honestly concerned that this list was going to struggle with 'only' 30 regular infantry and 15 Beserks, but it feels chonky as heck tbh. 4+ Void armour feels like power armour, and 5+/5++ Beserks are just... so choice. A couple of times a single bloke soaked 3 2Dmg Paragon sword wounds, and one of those times they straight murdered the Paragon who done it right back!


Ymyr 5++ is probably a crutch tbh - it really spoiled my enemy's shooting a couple times even though he tried to be cute and wait for the Faith Dice on damage rolls instead of reliably wounding against the T8.


Anyway - interested to see what going second is like lol.


I'm not buying any more of these until I polish off some other projects (2 Leman Russes, 10 Eldar Corsairs, 5 Ad Mech Infiltrator conversions from Delaque weirdos, and... 10th Edition marines half?), although if Hearthguard come back in stock I'll probably buy them as the final piece and pick up a Sagitaur next year or some such. This army definitely feels like a 'one of everything' collection for me rather than going spam on anything. If I didn't already have ~18 Ulthwé/Corsair bikes and a Storm Lords list with 6 Fast Attack then I might be into more Pioneers on pure efficiency, but I kinda like them more as a light/fringe outflanker than a weird fast shooting hammer. Some day I probably will buy and actual Hekaton, but the Frigate isn't going to get any use otherwise, and I'd probably get a Landraider for my World Eaters or Salamanders first... To be a bit more WYSIWYG it probably needs a pair of bolt cannons on the rails/prow. For the 'rail cannon' in my headcanon the missiles in the front buoy assembly are vortex missiles ; ) The gunhauler also needs a bit of an up-gun, but otherwise feels great as a Sagitaur.




The Good Doctor.

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Nice to see you finished the army !! They do look great :thumbsup:

gee you really plastered those poor sisters, perhaps going second may have had a different outcome :sweat:.


I like your red and yellow combo , it goes well with these guys/girls ?!.. 

thanks for the Batrep

cheers ,M. 

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7 hours ago, Mumeishi said:

really plastered those poor sisters, perhaps going second may have had a different outcome

Definitely, although at present being able to completely outrange Sisters and having such high AP and rate of fire everywhere, it doesn't feel like a super balanced match-up unless Sisters player tunes up that list a bit more. The few times he got close to being effective I was just able to medic units back up to keep pushing. He didn't take Morvenn Vahl after she steamrolled my World Eaters a couple weeks ago (his choice, I did encourage her to return!), but think he definitely will next time!


That said we're in the deepest shadow of 10th at this point so it's possible that was our last game of 9th lol. I think the Sisters/Votann matchup is gonna be more interesting in the new rules tbh - I don't mind that they'll be generally better at hitting me since we'll be tough enough to shrug alot more small arms and will be double tapping them right back, from further away. It seems like the 'number of minis' between the two armies is going to be pretty similar indeed though, with Sisters possibly edging ahead given their lack of true chonk or armory flex.


Going down to 4+ to hit naturally is an interesting choice but I think we could pick up as many as 3 or 400 points in that trade, and still be hitting on 3s at least half the time, or with most important units. Looks like 1x Thunderers, Hearthguard and Sagitaur (or two) are much higher on my list this year, once I'm over the Leviathan hump... 


Also looks like the change to allow jumping out of transports after movement will be heartily welcomed. Definitely feels like beamer-bois should be rocking that strong armoured assault vibe, and it'll match the way Kharadron work now in AoS more or less too.




The Good Doctor.

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