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Is this worth paying 3cp to place in Strategic Reserve?


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A drop pod carrying 5 company veterans with combi-plasma (and storm shields), and 5 devastator marines with plasma cannons + 1 combi-plasma on the Dev Sgt. 




1 Deathwing Terminator squad


Playing Dark Angels. Coming back to the game after a year break. Trying to figure out some cool unit + tactic combos for 2k games. Thanks. 



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Furthermore, as Terminators have Teleport Strike, they wouldn't need to be placed into Strategic Reserves either. SR is basically for stuff that can't normally be placed into Reserves (and as above, if you are playing the Arks of Omen missions, there is no CP cost. Any other missions would require it)


As an aside, there is a still a limit on the amount of your force that you can place into any type of Reserves, with this (usually) explained at the start of the mission pack.

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On 3/21/2023 at 6:22 AM, Eilio Tiberius said:

A drop pod


None of the examples listed are 'Strategic Reserves'. Strat Res are generally only for models that don't have their own special deployment rules. Basically if it has a sepcial way of entering the game on it's datasheet, like pods and terminators, you never have to pay CP to put them in strat reserve, unless you want them to come onto the board edge from T2 as per reserves, and not deep strike like terminators can do innately. 

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