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New Player... Kinda

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Hello everyone,


As a kid in the early 2000s, I used to love 40K and White dwarf, but never really played (it was always what's coolest wins). I had some plague marines, a couple bikes, and two metal models who I can't remember off the top of my head (maybe a chaos sorcerer and lord? I remember painting the space marine helmet he held blue, to show how much I hated the ultramarines..)


Then a few years ago, pre-primaris, after playing deathwatch on my iPad, playing some dark heresy, and reading some Black library novels, I decided to trying again. I bought and assembled a battle force, played one match against a friend in a Warhammer shop (I won, which is the most important thing I remember), it kinda fizzled out, and my force sat in my wardrobe, untouched.


Which brings us to the end of last year, another friend, convinced me to get Tacticus on my phone, which re-ignited my want to play. Having forgotten my previous purchase, I went to a different Warhammer shop near me, and bought myself the command edition of the starter for my birthday. I had built some parts and played a few games against myself, then after Christmas, had a few bits of life get in the way, but over the past week, I've built pretty much the rest of the box, and been playing myself trying to grasp the rules.


I've been watching some stuff on youtube, playing Tacticus, and browsing reddit, but thought I'd make an account and start here too. Also something to help me continue playing, rather than stopping again.


I plan to play Blood Angels, and once I've finished the starter box, I'm going to look over the full rules, any tips on how to transition over?


"For The Emperor and Sanguinius!"

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