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Hi all,


I'm not new to the hobby by any stretch but am fairly new to the community aspect. Building and painting armies for myself to look at has pretty much been the order of the day, though I did play quite a lot of 8th edition as the rule set was lean enough for me to get my head around.


I recently sold off my old armies (Iron Hands HH, Custom Primaris Chapter, Custom Eldar craftworld (lots of old metal), Cadian army). They were taking up a lot of space and I wasn't particularly inspired to continue expanding them. The money I got from selling them off has given me a bit of a war chest to pursue two projects that I've been thinking about for a long time:


  • Custom Thousand Sons Army - I'm really keen for an elite(ish) army that I can spend time customising and making my own. I like the fluff of the TS, but find the aesthetic of the models a bit too stylised and specific. Most of the models will be using Horus Heresy plastic as a base, just because I like the more esoteric, yet still understated design. Every model will have a reasonable amount of customisation, though I'll dial it up for things like Deamon Princes and exalted sorcerers. It will also will act as a platform to experiment with freehanding, kitbashing and greenstuff sculpting.
  • Building a (small) cogfort - Though not 40k, I feel its still relevant to mention. For those that don't know, in AoS, the Cities of Sigmar possess massive walking fortresses called Cogforts. These act both as mobile defences for cities, but also as well protected transports to move people and goods through the hostile lands of the Mortal realms. In the Lore these are massive, but I think I can scale it down into an achievable project. Think howls moving castle crewed by dwarfs and humans.


I've slowly been accumulating the bits for both, and am ready to begin my custom thousand sons, so hopefully over the coming weeks and months I can start drip feeding what will inevitably be a long and slow project. 


Anyway hello!

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