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Stormlord misprint on datasheet?

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So the transport section mentions veteran heavy weapons teams taking up 2 spots.

it mentions normal HWTs right before that which makes me believe it’s not a typo.

any chance this could have been a working title for the FOBs that never got updated?


or am I just missing something?


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Most likely just a copy-paste of the previous codex without the removal of veteran heavy weapons teams terminology- the wording is almost identical to the 8th ed codex with the addition of Bullgryns, so if the decision was made to remove IG veteran squads later in the process this mistake would just mean that someone forgot to update the entry. All of the IG regular transports (Chimera, Taurox, Doomhammer) entries have the same mistake of including veteran heavy weapons teams. So it looks like a simple failure to remove a unit from the transport entries when the decision was made to remove the unit from the codex. 

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