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Heroes and Villains of the Andromache sector

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On 6/15/2023 at 3:23 PM, Firedrake Cordova said:

There's a definite style here :smile: 


I do like seeing the old models getting some attention, and it's interesting to see how they blend in with (or don't) some of the newer models :smile: 


Me too! I'm  not a wargamer nowadays, and play mostly RPGs so it's been great going through my old collection and repainting them as characters in a setting, rather than as armies etc. Some of them are a bit derpy, but (eg. the world eaters) were so much fun to paint as a small one  off project. Especially as they are minions of the BBEG and the scale creep seems like a feature rather than a bug.

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Is that a Tallarn rider I spy? I've always thought they were the regiment that fits horses the best.


Love the terrain, by the way. Your models are amazing, but those statues and aged walls really tie it all together. I'm definitely going to steal the idea of attaching some antennae to a small statuette; it sells the feel of 40K in a very efficient way.

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