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Warhammer Fest 2023: Thoughts?


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On 5/11/2023 at 3:01 AM, sarabando said:

i didnt go but from what i saw from pics and videos they needed to triple (at a minimum) the number of demo tables. 


I also think that they need to start involving their community more, one of the best parts of Salute (south london wargamers show) is that there are dozens of big games being run by loads of different gaming clubs from all over the country. 


GW needs to get over the designer debacle. Sure a few years ago some designers got heavy flak from some community members who may or may not have serious social developmental issues and dont know how to act. So they stopped putting their names out there on what they worked on. But they need to bring it back, again at Salute, you have all the warlord games team there sculptors, artists, Fatbloke (thats for the oldies) etc and you can chat and look at what they are working on they show how they do their digital and physcial sculpting, you can see the 3 up minis etc. 


painting needs to be a thing again, speed painting, masterclasses, etc the Evier metal guys (again at salute) and duncan rhodes all had booths for painting activities and were filled all day.


They used to do a big table where they piled sprues on and you could just start clipping at random and build a mini many years ago that was again really popular way to kill some time. 


i think GWs isolationism in the industry is hurting them.  i KNOW they want you to buy their stuff but this isnt 20 years ago where they were bascially the only gig in town theres a whole industry built around their wargame and its time they started to reach out and embrace it, look at more licencing like MDF scenery, battle mats, etc (i know this wouldnt ever happen but i can dream)


on the subject of tickets. i have no problem with their tiered tickets as they will help pay for the event. You want to drop a grand on a ticket go for it just dont put yourself in financial trouble.  


Just the bold part, GW can afford to be reactionary in that instance. The battlemats are popular from third parties, so that would be an indicator for GW to make their own etc. If its tabletop game related, licencing won't happen. I'm also surprised GW did this event in house, seems like it would have run smoother with contracting an events company to organize this. 

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On 5/15/2023 at 10:53 PM, MegaVolt87 said:

The battlemats are popular from third parties, so that would be an indicator for GW to make their own etc. 


GW are doing this, somewhat, with mixed success. They have started making their own objective markers, customised to the army, but again for whatever reason put an insane price point on them (£40). I don't know if they have stopped producing realms of battle, but they have started smaller, fold away games mats. Maybe they just have a neoprene allergy? They also have dice trays and other bits and bobs that people seem to like. I think they got rid of the person that was in charge of designing new hobby accessories though, I think it was Alan Merrit, so maybe they don't have the in-house design expertise, or no one to champion doing this stuff en-masse with time to make a business case. 

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