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Raven Guard 2k Decapitation Strike

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Hey guys,


Looking for some feedback on this list:


Delegatus, corvid jump pack, 2x ravens talons, hidden hand 


10 assault marines, 2x charnabal tabar, power fist

10 assault marines, 2x charnabal tabar, power fist

5 recon marines, 5 nemesis bolters, nuncio, augury scanner

7 support marines, rotor cannons, nuncio, augury scanner, infravisor 

7 support marines, melta guns, rhino, multi melta


contemptor, fist with plasma blaster, kheres assault cannon

contemptor, fist with plasma blaster, gravis melta

5 Mor deythan, 5 combi volkite

2 rapier laser destroyers


9 dark fury’s, 3 chooser of the slain


1998 points


Delegatus joins the dark furys to deep strike and benefit from reserve re-roll, fleet (2) and 5+ shrouded. I’ve gone for the tabars in the assault squads as they’re S6 with 6+ breaching plus re-rolls to wound on the charge which looks decent.


thanks for reading!





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