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Word Bearers: Last of the Serrated Sun 2k

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Really really tempted by the whispers from the Warp.  This probably isn't 'good', especially for lack of Line units but, I mean, it's cool!  Should I sell my soul (or at least some Age of Sigmar stuff) to do it ?!?!


Rite of War: Last of the Serrated Sun


240  Argel Tal (warlord)

300  Zardu Layak and the Blade Slaves

110  Legion Herald in Tartaros Armor w chainfist (probably run w the other Gal Vorbak for a 2nd Line unit)



550  2x5 Gal Vorbak (1 can run with Argel and be Line), all double talons I'm thinking, or is that dum just for the single extra attack?



255  10 Ashen Circle w inferno pistol/phosphex bomb on the Iconoclast

240  Mhara Gal Dreadnought (maybe w a Gravis Multimelta, but I sure like dual talons for theme)



210 2x1 Javelin Speeders w lascannons/multimelta

  95 1 other Landspeeder of some sort

(figure they can be my little bit of anti-tank and also absorb some Overwatch)


Should be about 2K on the dot.

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Hello !


A lot of things to say:

- Argel Tal & Zardu Layak & Herald = 1/3 of your army in HQ. Horus Heresy isn't Herohammer, take one big HQ maximum at 2000. What are your plans for Zardu ?

- 10 Gal Vorbak, take power fists and you can take double talons yes. No transport ?

- 10 Ashen Circle is too much, prefer five man squad that can be a pain in FeP. Don't forget they are only 1W 3+ Space Marine.

- Mhara Gal Dreadnought is not very synergic with Gal Vorbak army. Play it well or he will be your doom.

If your ennemy kills 10 GV, you can't win in objective scenario. You only have 26 models + 1 Dreadnought + 3 Land Speeder, and you cruelly lacks of firepower.

It's only my vision, I think it's a very Word Beareresque army, full of charisma, but on game, I've the idea that you will have little fun...

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Thank you very much for your insights!  Yeah I figured it wouldn't be good, just wondering if all the tainted ones could run together somehow.  Guess they do need some delivery method.  They're not slowpokes, but certainly not fast like my Space Wolves are.  A future idea, guess I should actually finish painting one Legion before gathering another :D


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My regular opponent plays Word Bearers.  Now I'll say I have no idea if you have a "good" list or not, but I wouldn't enjoy playing it.  I hate hero hammer, and I hate playing HH and sitting down across an opponent who has zero Spacemen in his Spaceman army.   I want to do pew-pew bolter fire and when someone has a whole army of nothing but T5 or higher models, it makes me feel like they are capitalizing on my expectation to do just that.  Gal Vorbak are super frustrating to deal with if you don't list tailor around them, as you really don't get Str 10 weapons in your list by accident, which is needed to insta-death them. 

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I'm kinda thinking it might be good to have a 0-1 limitation on many Legion specific Elite type of units, like Dark Furies or Huscarls or Siege Tyrants, etc.  Not so much the more standard Legion Troops like Grey Slayers for example though.  

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