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Mechanicum 3k


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Hi All


I've been tinkering with the following 3k list for the Mechanicum, any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.





Archmagos - Malagra, 2x Power Fist (1 Master-Crafted), Machinator Array, Cyber-familiar, Augury Scanner, Rad Grenades (225)



6 Myrmidon Secutors - Phased Plasma Fusils (405)

Triaros (135)



5 Thallax - Melta Bombs, 1x Multi-Melta (249)

5 Thallax - Melta Bombs, 1x Multi-Melta (249)

5 Thallax - Melta Bombs (224)



8 Myrmidon Destructors - Volkite Culverins (345)

3 Krios Venators (450)

Thanatar-Cavas - Paragon of Metal (270)





Secutarii Axiarch - Extinction Interlock, Master-crafted Power Fist, Augury Scanner, Rad Grenades (90)



20 Secutarii Peltasts - Radium Carbines (220)

Triaros (135)


TOTAL 2997



Malagra goes with Secutors, giving them Preferred enemy (characters), Augury Scanner and Rad Grenades. Axiarch goes with Destructors, giving them Preferred enemy (Infantry), Augury Scanner and Rad Grenades. Peltasts get Preferred enemy (Infantry) too.


Not sure about Cyberthurgy or Warlord Trait - am leaning towards Ephemera Incursus & The Logic of Victory...


What do you reckon? Can Mechanicum still mix it up with the power-armour boys?!


Cheers all





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I think Lacryaemarta is too good on secutors to take any other arcana, unless you need it to unlock FOC Options, so I would swap it here. 

I would swap the Volkite Myrmidons for more Plasma if possible since said Plasma Myrmidons are better against almost every conceivable Target. 

I'm not a fan of extra Thallax as the unit still can't do more than a little poke damage and is tough enough at base size. Splitting them into more units gives you better objective control and the enemy can wipe out fewer at once if they catch a unit in melee. 

Finally, I feel that the Skitarii dont really do anything, as you have better anti-infantry shooting in the main Admech-List and they don't have line.

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I think you need an Archimandrite to take an allied detachment of Mechanicum, but the Divisio Tactica rules say that they are another completely different optional detachment, and my reading of the rules is that a knight household or titan maniple can be taken by any army…? 
so in theory, a mechanicum list could have a mechanicum primary detachment led by an archimamdrite, a mechanicum allied detachment, and a titan maniple detachment as well - does anyone have a definite ruling on this? 

And cheers for the replies by the way guys!



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