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Anvil Industry Price Rise

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25 minutes ago, Halandaar said:

Imagine how many pages of undiluted rage we'd be on by now if this was GW doing a universal 15% price increase.

I was going to say the same... GW put their prices up roughly 6% and we got pages and pages of rage and complaints. Anvil put their prices up 15% and we get two comments.

(And no, don't try to argue it's because GW is already more expensive. An Anvil Industries squad of 10 men comes in at £30 from their Regiments Builder... And that's BEFORE the price rise. Cadian Shock Troops are £30)

I'm not surprised this is happening though, UK-based companies like Anvil are still feeling the squeeze with shockingly high bills.

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29 minutes ago, Halandaar said:

Imagine how many pages of undiluted rage we'd be on by now if this was GW doing a universal 15% price increase.


As a counter argument, I think the Anvil communicate states it's their first increase since 2019, so around 4 years later. I have not been keeping track, but I think GW tends to bump prices once every 1-2 years?  I wonder how GW prices compare to Anvil's in the same period.

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I hope it is ok if I post Anvil's statement here so people can have the full picture:



"Upcoming Price Increases


In the next month we are going to be putting up prices on all physical products (not stl downloads) on the Anvil website by around 15%.


As it is your support that keeps us going, we wanted to let you know and explain why it's time for us to do this. 


We last increased our prices in 2019, and since then there was the pandemic, followed by long period of high inflation that is ongoing. This has put all of our costs up significantly, from energy to raw materials, and we have also been increasing staff wages to make sure they can afford the cost of living. 


We have held off passing this on as long as possible, but we now need to adjust our prices to match the new reality we live in.


As a lot of you will plan your projects and purchases in advance, we wanted to let you know ahead of time, so you are not surprised by prices when you go to place your next order. If you are planning an order soon, we suggest placing it in the next couple of weeks prior to the increase.


We will look at ways of adding value and where possible offer more deals or quantity discounts to help offset the increase, we appreciate everyone is feeling the squeeze at the moment!


We will be in touch soon with a survey, as it would be great to find out more about your hobby interests, what you would like to see more of from us in the future and what is the most important factor in deciding who to buy minis from.


We hope you are all doing well, and look forward to many more years of helping you fulfil your visions and creating unique miniatures! 


Kind regards,


The Anvil Team"

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