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Junith in 10th

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I was gifted a Junith model today. Obviously its all theory crafting but do you think she'll have a place in 10th? Right now in my head I'm still headed towards Vahl and Celestine. 


Also is her pulpit big enough to put her on a base and slide the base in? She looks like she would be a really good canoness or dogmata model too. 

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18 hours ago, Tokugawa said:

Named hero no longer limited by <order>, so whether competitive or not, she would be much more playable than in 9th.

I mean feasibly we could get special characters for the other orders and then they would be order locked to which characters you can take, but I doubt that happening.


I guess one good thing with no set subfactions is you can proxy or Kitbash other orders versions of Junith

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