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Sternguard and Combi-Weapons

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9 hours ago, CCE1981 said:

Sternguard with Bolt Rifles and a Librarian attached for Sustained Hits, Shooting at Oath of Moment target might push through a bunch of Mortal Wounds.

We don't know if standard librarian will maintain that special ability, currently the Terminator version has it, but that is not a good indicator it's going to be variation wide across the range.

If it is, yeah he gets with these guys every game.

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Wasn't Force Dome a Squat psychic power?


You're right in my mind though. They're likely to get a psychic power traditional to Marines. We've got Veil of Time, Smite... what else might be coming I wonder? Might of Heroes was always a classic.

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Null Zone was another popular one but might not fit with 10th edition's philosophy of greater durability. And with most common melee weapons capped at AP-2, losing Invulns might not be such a big deal anymore.


Based on what we have seen for the Eldar, I expect different psykers will have different powers. The Phobos one will probably have some from the Obscuration discipline. However when the full Codex comes out, we might get the ability to pick and choose back. At least that is how it works with the Battletomes for AoS. Fixed spells on the online data cards, interchangeable spell library in the paid-for book.

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Just seen that one of the rumoured enhancements for the Gladius Strike Force is Bolter Disciple. This gives the Leader's unit Sustained Hits. This will work really with Sternguard I think (with either loadout). Exploding 6s to-Hit mean all the more MWs being pushed through.

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